Monday, March 10, 2008

But its only 11PM

Its 11 in my mind, but the clock says midnight. And of course I'm not the least bit sleepy. Didn't do much of any thing today but I stayed busy all day doing it.

I helped a friend set up a new computer. In Des Moines! We just connect using skype and talk or way thru the things that need installed. Skype is a great asset. You can connect for hours at a time and no one cares. We send pictures back and forth using interace.

This is a program that was written to mimic slow scan TV on the ham radio. It only sends small pictures, but it allows the guy on the other end to see what you see. This can waste hours.

So the day raced by with the clock seeming wrong every time I looked at it. Reading the various blogs that I follow, revealed the confusion in Arizona. Since they do not do DST, but the Indian reservations do, and all the states around them do, its a mess.

Oh and for months I have wanted to hook up the Sirius receiver to the Audio Visual receiver on the TV system. But the wiring is a rats nest behind them. The fibreoptic cable that connects the cable box sound is barely long enough. And the whole works is in an enclosure over the fireplace. So I put it off. For several months. Well we were in Texas. I'm male. Manana.

But once I disconnected the short fibreoptic cable and a couple more, the whole unit was able to be turned sideways. All went well from there. So we have been listening to Sirius ever since. Now why didn't I do that sooner?

It was up to 52 here today. Compared to what we had last week thats a heat wave. We finally lost all of the snow. Even the North side of the house is melted and dry. It is 34 as I write this in the middle of the night. Hope the day is warmer yet but we'll have to see.

All of the folks who write blogs from the Rio Grande Valley have now left for their summer destinations. So I am deprived of news from down there. Does anyone know of a RV blogger left at the RGV? I'd love to follow their blog.

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