Saturday, March 1, 2008

A nice day

Today was a stellar day. The sun was out from the beginning and out for the entire day. The temperature rivaled the Texas weather we experienced last week. It was 68 by the end of the afternoon.

It was my grandson's birthday! He is 6. We got him a new bicycle. A big to him 20 inch bicycle with 6 speeds and hand brakes. He was surprised.

I bought the bike last fall as it was becoming cold outside. K-mart had them on sale but not too much off as they seem to sell in the winter OK anyway. I thought we would give it to him at christmas but the ladies of the family said no. Wait till spring.

So it has been out in our garage all winter, under a tarp for a charcoal grill. This afternoon, we got to looking at the junk in grandpa's garage, and we accidentally found a new bike. He looked under the tarp and said its a bike! Its a new bike! What are you doing with a new bike? Is this my new bike? Oh boy!

It is still a little big for him, but he was bound to learn to ride it anyway. Its just way too cool to put away until I get bigger. He was out most of the afternoon, trying to ride it around without falling. When he stops, he has to kind of crash land, as he hasn't mastered putting a foot down and leaning over to stand on the ground. It is just a bit too tall for him to stand over.

He'll get it, and grow into it everyday. My oldest son bought him a nerf dart rifle. Uncle Chris is known for the purchase of ornery toys. Of course he was told to never shoot his sisters with the nerf rifle. How long do you think that will last?

So tonight we are contemplating if we will go to the Lake tomorrow. The weather is supposed to get bad by tomorrow night. Changing to freezing rain and snow by nightfall. Didn't do that in Texas. If we go, we need to be there before the bad stuff. We'll see how we feel about it tomorrow....

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