Thursday, March 20, 2008

Washing the Rig

As you may remember, I started to resurrect the pressure washer several days ago. Without success. As it was to be in the 60's today, I returned to that project in earnest this morning.

At one time in my life, as I was attending college, I had many mechanical places of employment. I worked as a mechanic in the Armstrong tire factory, also at a marina in Clear Lake Iowa. I also held jobs at various filling stations, back when auto repair was actually standard practice in the neighborhood oil station.

I didn't mind getting quite grimy in those days, but today I do not look forward to this outcome.

But the carburetor on the pressure washer was in need of a good cleaning. So I placed the machine up on a couple of barrels, and had at it. I managed to remove the pieces in short order, even though they were fastened with Torx screws. I had the right tools for once.

Once apart, the float bowl contained a goo that resembled carpet glue. I used alcohol and a bunch of rags to remove this buildup. The machine hasn't been used for several years and this is the result. So please use stabil in your gasoline engines and start them regularly.

With the washer running, it was off to get the trailer from storage. Everything was more than rusty, as I hitched up. The road salt, from driving in the snow storm, had already taken its toll.

Once home with the trailer, I spent the day scrubbing the salt and road grime from the unit.

The washer worked great, but it still required a brush and a bottle of black streak remover to get things clean. The plastic parts of the trailer become stained beyond the ability of normal soaps to remove. Especially where the water runs off of the roof, and around the window jambs.

This isn't too exciting work, but it is a job that comes with RVing. The folks in the Rio Grande Valley have various Mexican work crews that are available in the parks, to perform this task. And in Corpus Christi, most folks wash their units regularly as the salt sea air and fog causes numerous problems for the trailers.

We washed our rig there too, but did not anticipate the sloppy freezing rain, sleet, and snow on the return trip. So now we are ready to go again, once it warms to above freezing and stays that way.

Last year my sons went out camping in the middle of March, and then we had a hard freeze the first week of April. This required some scrambling to get things re winterized for a week or so.

Since we spent seven weeks in the RV, I think we can wait until mid April to go again. But who knows, the rest of the family hasn't been out since last fall.

In closing tonight, I was able to allow my mind to wander as I washed the cars and camper today. Included were thoughts of the fact it was Maundy Thursday, and the underlying story of the last supper. The washing of the disciples feet and the eucharist. Thoughts of Peter denying his association with Jesus and Judas' betrayal.

Above all, the thought that Jesus went to bed that night, knowing that he would be killed for his beliefs in the morning. I was struck by how unusual this kind of commitment would be in our world today. What would cause such a commitment if it wasn't divine? But then the Muslim suicide bombers are so committed, that they believe they will reach heaven if they go thru with their deadly plots.

As you read this, it is good Friday, take a moment to reflect on the death of Christ, and its message for our lives. Whether you are Christian or another religion, the underlying message of God is one of good will.

I only wish we as people, could learn to use our religions to unify, rather than divide the peoples of the world......

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