Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to KC

Do you remember how I said the back yard here in KC didn't grow as fast as the front, so I would skip mowing it until next week. Wrong!

Ya its up to my hind quarters. This watering system is doing its job. The water bill will be thru the roof. We need to re establish the grass after last years disaster in the fall when we left for five weeks.

So that is being accomplished. It will turn hot here in another few days, so the watering will begin to pay for itself then. In the meantime I will have to chase my tail off and get it knocked down again.

We had a slow and easy trip back from Lake Ozark. Our grand son had to swim most of the morning, and wanted to know if we could stay for a few days more. Well yes but your parents have things planned and you need to get back. He wasn't buying it.

So back in KC and back at the heavy retirement grind. Will go out and look at another bunch of cars that have been used by former owners. Try to decide which ones can be reconditioned for next week.

The routine life at a sticks and bricks house.

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