Monday, June 9, 2008

Wind and Rain

We got back here last night about 5 PM, and I mowed some of the yard, which was slow going. The hand mower would bog down after about 5 or 6 feet and then you stood and waited for it to catch back up.

I got tired of that and came inside, once I finished the front yard. We had some supper, and then the rain started. On the radar, it was from Oklahoma to Wisconsin. The wind blew, and the fur flew, as we said years ago. It was still raining at midnight when I took the dog out for her last relief.

When it was getting light this morning, it was still raining. Wow, we do not need that much rain.

So tonight when I got home from the car auction, I tried to mow the rest of the yard. With the tractor this time. It was such a wet mess, and balled up in grass clumps. I had to rake several areas of the yard and bag the green goo! Not fun!

Its knocked down, and we won't win any awards for yard care, but we were not looking for that anyway. They actually do give out a monthly, Yard of the Month, award here in our HOA neighborhood.

Not something I will ever see, LOL.

So just another, back to work day here in KC. More old cars, and people that want too much for them. Oh and customers that don't want to pay anything for them.

We did get the website done for the business, so if your interested, its .

I really do not want to peddle any cars to all you fine folks, since I am retired and only work to help my son. Besides, everyone knows that car dealers are crooked anyway, Right?

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