Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Out to the Auction

We preview cars on Tuesdays and we went again today. There are all kinds of 2007 and 2006 cars and some 2005's but the cheaper, older cars are not present. Folks are not trading them in.

Business is at a standstill. Folks are not buying anything they don't have to. And most folks do not have to buy a new car, or a used one for that matter either.

Tomorrow will be an interesting auction, but we may not go. Need to sell some of what we have.

So other than mowing the lawn in the early morning, making hay! We have not been too productive all day. We did re fill the kids swimming pool in the back yard. We bought a Wal mart eight foot by 30 inch deep round Hershey kiss style pool for the grandkids. It is free standing without hard sides. It only has an inflatable ring around the top.

So over the last several days we have gradually filled it up. It holds about 600 gallons, according to the booklet that came with the pool. When you have that much cold water out of the hose all at once, the kids can't stay in it for long.

Too cold! The six year old wants it full and the girls are cold with the hose water. But it is full now, so it will warm to 70 or so over night. And then the sun will warm it up more tomorrow.

This will be an attraction to lure the kids over to see grandma, and it is large enough that we can actually get in to it with them as well.

I have had my nose stuck in the computer here all night, so I need to close this up and go off to bed.

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