Monday, June 2, 2008

Carpet Cleaning, Work

When you have a new carpet cleaner, what do you do next? Why clean the carpet of course.

So that was the feature of the day here at the lake house. We have had the house for five years now and built it new. The carpets have had various spots cleaned over that time, but have never been cleaned in large areas before.

Today was clean the main living room day. The major traffic areas anyway. It would take quite a bit longer to clean the entire room, but we spent several hours on the traffic patterns and blended the area back into the cleaner no traffic parts of the room.

Once we were totally tired of the carpet cleaner, we cleaned up and dressed for the daily trip to wal mart. Seems as though we go every day. And yes we call it the hundred dollar store, since you can never leave without at least that much in the checkout lane.

And we didn't let them down, as we had $120 bucks on the tab. The major purchase being a new memory foam mattress pad. I have trouble with circulation in my hips when I lay in one spot for very long. Seems that the memory foam aleviates this problem fairly well.

I have one in KC, and in the RV, but have never had one here at the lake. So now I do. Loyce likes them too, because they are more comfortable all around.

I know that several of you like your sleep comfort mattresses and that they also have the memory foam, but we never got onto the sleep number air bit. Years ago we had the water bed, but went back to the full innerspring job when waterbeds went out.

So other than those big things, we grilled some hamburgers, and had an indoor picnic, since it had rained most of the afternoon. You could have wrung the air is was so humid. After a bunch of mindless TV, it is now time to go try out the new foam.

I hope to get the cover off of the pontoon tomorrow, if the rain is over. Maybe get out and take some pictures.

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