Friday, June 20, 2008

Travel slow and easy.

We were up at the crack of 9. Well maybe 8:30 but then we are retired right? I went out and mowed the front yard again.

We just mowed it on Monday, but have had two rains since. It has jumped up a couple of inches. Not a big deal but it looks nicer if it isn't ragged. So it will look nice for the weekend while we aren't there.

The back yard does not seem to grow so fast, so I will skip it for today. We kind of leisurely packed up, and left the house about 1 PM.

We brought our oldest grandson with us, so we went to his school and checked him out. It was Friday, and they were in nap time anyway, so he was done for the day. We promptly went to Wendy's as we had no lunch, and Caden had his second lunch as well.

So we got here at Lake Ozark about 5PM. We messed around unloading and putting all the groceries away, until about 7, when we went into town and went to Bandanna's Barbecue. That's twice to the barbecue this week for me. But who is keeping track?

We like this place here at the lake. It has a Memphis Tenn. style barbecue sauce as opposed to the sweet smokey taste of the KC style. The Memphis sauces are more tomato based with less molasses and heavier spice. We had a good time, and young Caden declared it to be his favorite restaurant.

He had a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce for desert. Heaven for a six year old.

He has plans to go swimming in the lake, boating on the pontoon boat, and land knows what else, so grandpa needs to be off to bed. Even then I will never keep up. LOL

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