Saturday, June 7, 2008


Most of us that live here in Lake Ozark, or Osage Beach lay low on Saturday. This is the day when the vacationers have to have their fun fast! They only have this one day to have a good time. So by golly they are going to have it.

This makes for drinking and boating at the same time, and all sorts of fast paced activities. The danger factor comes up dramatically, on these days.

"If your captain is drunk, your ten times more likely to go down with the ship," the sign says up by the dam. This is placed there by the AmerenUE folks that own and run the dam. They are charged with enforcing the dock rules and shoreline management, but not the police work of the lake.

The Missouri water patrol, is the enforcement body, and they have police boats all over the lake. They are uniformed like the Highway Patrol, and have the ticket book in hand just like their highway cousins. And a big red light on the front of their boat.

All of this is to say that we are staying close to home today and not becoming involved with the Saturday boat traffic. Just sitting here and watching the neighbors jet ski, swim and sun bathe will be adequate for us today. Maybe later we will go out, once the traffic dies down.

I have been working on my long wire antenna that connects to my HF ham radio. It was knocked down by a tree that fell in the wind and rain earlier this spring. I am now getting around to fixing and re hanging it. As I sit here the radio is on and receiving signals from distant states and countries.

I am noticing that folks are not charging up and down the lake at high rates of speed, that has been the norm in previous years. The jet ski's are still zooming all over the place, but the boats are 10 to 15 MPH folks now that gas is so high priced. We've had several folks that anchored in our cove and swam from the boats while they were parked.

And just as I say that, there goes a big dual engined V8 off shore racing boat at full throttle. When you have money, it doesn't matter how much fun costs.

I'll save mine for truck gas to go camping somewhere. LOL!

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