Thursday, June 19, 2008

Off to the Lake....Again

We were sitting around here and talking about all the neat places we could go and how much gas it would take to get to each. Perhaps Des Moines, or back out camping again this weekend.

But then it struck us that the most fun we could have was to go back to the lake. Ya I know we were just there two weeks ago but then you won't be using it as much in the winter, and if we don't use it now, might as well sell the place.

We know that some of the extended family are having a reunion up in Minneapolis. We did discuss that some time ago, but decided that it is just too far, and not convenient to get up there for such a short time of a visit. With me working some every week with Chris, it would have to be a whirlwind trip and that is something we no longer, do to well with.

We have been spoiled traveling 200 miles per day and staying in our travel trailer for extended stays between travel days. So with the families pardon, or permission, we are going to go hide in the woods next to Lake Ozark. Maybe barbecue a steak and go on a boat ride.

But we will have to be back here by Tuesday, as that is auction preview day.

I'll write more when we get down there, its only 135 miles away.

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