Thursday, June 26, 2008


Nothing special about Thursday here in KC. We had the two youngest grand kids here all day and the three year old is staying the night.

They all did the swimming pool thing today. In the Wal Mart pool. Eight feet around and two feet deep. Vinyl upside down mushroom, with a blow up ring around the top. Holds about 500 gallons, give or take.

The day was cool in the morning and the girls got cold. But the sun was out and it made 90 this afternoon. So it wasn't cold then.

I started on the electrical outlet that didn't work. We found that it didn't work, when we plugged in the pool filter pump. Water had gotten into the box and shorted out the ground fault outlet. It was toast inside.

So with a trip to Lowe's and some supplies, we replaced that. Then on to the bigger job of adding and outlet next to the sprinkler system control box.

We placed the control next to where the outside outlet is on the front of the house. Only on the inside wall of the garage. So with an old works box and a drywall saw, I cut the hole for the new outlet.

I had measured everything and was right above where the outside box was located. It was easy to fish 14-3 wire from one box to the other and bingo we had an outlet next to the sprinkler control. Rolled up the extension cord that was strung thru the garage door brackets and we are now much more professional here at the KC home.

Off to Wal Mart to get some pool chemicals for the back yard pool, as the test kit I bought last night indicated we were way off on PH. And there was hardly any chlorine in the water at all. So much for the city water treatment plant.

So thats the day in a nutshell here. Borring stuff for sure but someone had to do it.

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