Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blow Me Down There Matey!

Jolly Rogers Grub & Grog

This is a lake side restaurant at the 4 1/2 mile marker of the Gravois arm of the lake of the ozarks. Its out in the country by car, on county road W. But by boat, it is readily accessible right off the Gravois channel, North of the main lake, about 10 miles from the dam.

Its really just a covered deck with a patio in front, along the water. Patio has lots of tables with umbrella type covers in the middle. They have live music on Friday and Saturday nights. This is a large attraction. The boats fill all the dock space and tie up to each other raft style once the dock is full up.

We went here in the middle of the day as a family lunch. Caden had to have a pirate flag, and had a corn dog with lemonade. Man thats nirvana, especially if your 6. A real pirates place! Cool!

We swam all afternoon, and managed to get grandma to forget that we were supposed to get a nap. Now we think we need pizza. Man grandma is easy.

Yup we got Imo's Pizza, man were really fat now! Bed time will be early for the 6 year old tonight!

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  1. Our grandson's name is Caden too. I had never heard of it before but another lady in chat, moppah's grandson is also Caden. Enjoy your time with your grandson!


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