Sunday, June 8, 2008

Go back to KC

I started to call it go home day, but then we are at home here, much the same as we are in KC. But the bills and the yard that needs mowed in KC, necessitates our return. Really, not much else need to be done there either.

But we are up and packing to head out. Much like a travel day in the RV, we organize and leave about mid day. It is only 135 miles back to the KC house, so we will take it easy and be there by 5 or so.

The boat and the dock are my main area of concern, as the big cover has to be snapped on and the poles that support it placed in the middle.

The cover seems to have a million snaps, and they are always pulling out of the fabric. I have looked all over for replacement snaps to install in the spots where they are gone. I went to West Marine, and they have a kit with most of the various sizes, but they wanted $35 for the little plastic box of buttons.

I looked all over, and did not find anything else, so I went back and bought the assortment. It was on sale and I got it for 28.95. And as things always work out, I found that Lowes had a small assortment, in a plastic sack for $6.95. Go figure.

So I have been happily replacing snaps to more thoroughly fasten things together. I have two more snaps to replace in the cover and that project will be complete.

Better put this down and go get hopping, as it will be time to leave before I know it.

I'll be back on as soon as we are there.

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