Monday, June 16, 2008


We've been gone! Without internet access! It was the withdrawal symptom of my life. Couldn't check the news, except for out of the air TV. Uck! No email no blogs wow. The computer just sat there in my bag and discharged itself.

We went camping Friday about noon, in East Central Kansas. A place called Melvern Lake. Our kids have gone there several times, so we thought we would check it out.

The nice campground is the Federal Tailwater facility, but it is 100 percent reserved thru reservation dot gov. We didn't have reservations, as this was a spur of the moment thing. We just went and hoped. On a Friday no less.

So we went to the State Park. Eisenhower State Park, after Dwight D. And its about that old too. The bath houses had no roof. Just walls. Take a shower and get a sunburn, with no lines either.

The campsite was fine, with asphalt, water and electric. Kinda short for a 30 foot rig, but we parked cross ways in front of the trailer. We made out just fine. We had a semi shaded lot, that was across the street from the prime sites, as they are marked. They have direct lake front access.

I did find a new bath house in the tent camping area, that had a roof. Actually it had a sink, toilet and a shower stall, in a single bathroom with a locking door. Once in, it was all yours. The building was divided up into four of these stalls, so it was nice.

But folks had been using the place all day, and the water heaters never caught up, so the shower was cold. I was sunburned anyway, and wouldn't have been able to stand much hot water, but cold was a shock. But I made it ok.

We came back yesterday afternoon. Rather than put the rig back in storage directly, I became involved with the new carpet cleaner and the carpet in the trailer. A hot job for sure, as the air conditioner pulls too much electric for our 15 amp outside outlets.

So as the sun was setting, I put the trailer back in storage with the slide out, to let the carpet dry. Luckily, there is no one on the left side of my parking place. So the slide does not cause problems. Looks funny, but the storage guy will wonder it we are living there. LOL.

When I got home at dusk, I then mowed the front yard with the walking mower. I was shot. So there was no blog last night either. I did read a few but went on to bed much earlier than normal.

Other than that, just the off to work thing, like normal here.

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