Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A day of auction work, and some play too.

Off to the auction in the morning. Another 2000 cars went thru the auction and we watched and bid on the ones we liked. We were out bid by other folks in every case. Came home with nothing.

But a car at too big of price is a car that can't be sold. So we didn't purchase them. These folks have better customers than we do. LOL.

But on the way home, we stopped at the Ameristar Casino just South of the auction and went to the Arthur Bryants Bar Be Cue.

The restaurant is part of the mall like facility that surrounds the main casino. The ceiling in this area is like the blue cloud ceiling in Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. Or at least a replica anyway.

We had a pulled pork sandwich that was served open faced on three slices of white bread. With about a pound of pickles on the side. Its 11PM and I still haven't had any supper as I am too full from this massive lunch.

Their barbecue sauces were very different from anything I have ever tasted. The Original was very peppery with a bunch of salt added and perhaps lemon juice. Those that like it swear by it, but I didn't use too much of it. They had a sweet and smokey, but with the diabetes, I stayed away from that too.

So I used the straight spicey. I ordered beans as well and they were good with pork in them. They were sweet as well, so I should not have had them either, but sometimes things are worth going ahead. Especially since I have skipped supper completely.

Needless to say I was sluggish for the rest of the afternoon. I came home and played with the youngest grand child and heard about her day with Loyce. Routine stuff, but important none the less.

So today is in the book. A good day but excitement, well it was self created.

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