Sunday, June 22, 2008

Relaxing at the Lake

We had the big breakfast with three cheese omelets. Biscuits from the tube, and sausage. We needed that as we were headed out for a big day of swimming and boating.

The early boat ride was overcast, but the day warmed with the appearance of the sun by 11. So let the swimming begin. This was broken up with a trip to put the jet ski in the lake. But then we had to swim to do that too.

We pull it back with the boat, as us old folks don't ride it much anymore. It is mostly for our company, and kids. It bounces over the waves and jars everything inside of you. Not good for the over 60 crowd.

But grandma and Caden rode on it while it was being pulled with the pontoon. That was a big time for him, so works for me too.

After more swimming we had lunch on the dock of peanut butter and jelly sandwich. His favorite. Then more swimming, and a nap that was forced upon him by a mean grandma. LOL.

After the nap, it was even more swimming. And cleaning the jet ski. Some supper and a dusk boat ride.

We're all really tired tonight, so the big lake day is in the books. And lets hope he doesn't get up before the sun comes up like he did today. Grandpa needs some sleep. LOL

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