Friday, June 27, 2008

Tomorrow is Field Day!

The Ham Radio club had a preliminary walk thru meeting tonight at the Shawnee Indian Mission, Historical site. This is a museum and a depiction of life as the Indians lived it in the 1850's. The buildings are that old, and we are lucky to use the facilities for our Ham Radio event. So we were told. We used it last year and re roofed one of the buildings as a friendly gesture. We even purchased the wood shake shingles and donated them, along with the labor. (I need to correct this, the Friends of the Mission bought the wood shingles, I found out on Saturday.)

They have a new director, and she is not too sure of our activity, and how it relates to the museum's purpose. So perhaps this will be our last year at the Mission. Time will be the only predictor of these events. Anyway we need to be really careful not to leave any mark on the property or its grounds.

We will have about 100 people during the day and evening tomorrow, and everyone of them will tour the museum during the course of their stay on the grounds. All will sign the register as guests and be included in the count for the day. However that does not support the purpose of the museum. What?

We have planned where everything will take place, without getting in the way of the normal daily activities. We are even enjoined from using the bathrooms. I wonder why they didn't decline the invitation, and get it over with.

So we should have a good day of operations from the Indian Mission. Our log books should be overflowing with contacts and the dinner should be well attended. A TV crew generally works up a spot that features the emergency nature of the exercise and also features the museum. Good press for the historical society as well.

I will not be home in time to post an entry for tomorrow, but will come back with a story about how it all went just as soon as I get the time to sit down with the computer.

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