Thursday, June 5, 2008


This is our cove, as we first enter into it from the lake main channel. We built the second new house that was in this cove. I had no idea how this area would turn out. There were several old house trailers back in here, that had been mostly abandoned. It was a leap of faith to start a new house in this slum area. Ours is on the left with a green roof.

Around the corner out on the main channel, other folks had spent the big bucks to remodel the area. This place is seven figures. The landscaping is worth half of our house.

My neighbor two doors down built this little shack as an investment. He never lived in the house, but spent about 6 months selling it once it was finished. He listed it for $1.0M. I think it went in the mid 9's with the $65K dock. The neighbor has since sold his house and moved to Colorado. See story here.

If you look at the header picture, behind the Tom Sawyer tour boat to the left is this little joint. This guy had something to do with Culligan Water Softeners, I am told. I have never met him.

This place has two attached garages, one on each side. When you come and stay here, you have your own suite, complete with garaged parking.

If you look in the picture above where the dock ramp goes back to the house. To the right of the center columns, and above a single door on the ground, is a window.

This fellow was a big fan of the Rat Pack. And he has them in mannequins, displayed in that window.

My little nikon cool pixs can't zoom in far enough, and the glare was bad on the glass. But there they are sitting on their stools, with mics in hand. Frank, Sammy and Dean.

How much did that little display cost? And why would you put it on the Lake, 3 miles from town? But the tour boat goes by his house on every trip. That's why I can get a picture of the boat from my deck, for the header of the blog.

We seem to have eccentric people around every bend. Too much money seems to do that to folks.

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