Friday, June 6, 2008

Longer Boat Ride!

Must be a good day to go out in the boat again. The wind is blowing from the South and the overcast in this picture was blown away by noon. The lake began to turn over white caps as the wind increased. That makes the boat a hand full to drive. But we went anyway.

We live at the three mile mark, but when I got down to the seven mile cove, I was surprised to find that the new hotel, that was started last year is open for business. The workers were still there finishing various projects, but rooms were occupied.

This cove started as a complete remodel. There was an old restaurant and a minute mart on the water and several other businesses in here but they were all torn down.

The first new business was the Horny Toad. It was kind of a premier new place when it was first done. A dining and bar and grill type of establishment. They have the big deck bar with entertainment under a band shell.

It looks to me that the new hotel, is in front of the Horny Toad and kind of dwarfs it. They are owned by the same guy, so it is perhaps bad planning, or they didn't realize how it would turn out.

Across from the hotel is the Shady Gator. This is another restaurant and Tiki Bar. It was once called Bayou Bill's and had an owner from Louisiana. Back then they served real crawfish and gumbo.

But now it is owned by this same developer, who has no idea about a bayou. Another kids drinking establishment with an alligator theme. It remains quite popular.

On the point to the left or West of the Shady Gator, is a cleared parcel of land. It is the entire point at the end of the street. This developer wants to build yet another entertainment complex out here. He has proposed it to the county zoning, for the last two years. Keeps getting turned down.

The neighbors band together and protest. He tried to get the parcel annexed by the city across the lake to the West, but they didn't have any way to govern the place, even if they would get large property taxes. So they turned him down.

The last I heard, they were going to incorporate it as a city of its own, and annex all of the surrounding area including their other properties. And some of the unruly neighbors. I do not know the outcome of all of this, but workers were pouring concrete footing for something. They must have some kind of building permits.

On down the main channel to the twelve mile marker, this is called chimney point. There was an old lodge out here that had a huge fireplace in the middle.

They tore down the lodge but left the fireplace standing. It is behind these little multi million dollar shacks, in the middle of the cul de sac as a decoration. I always thought that was strange. but it gives the place its name.

There are about eight of these big dollar houses out on this point. They are on the Kansas City side of the lake.

This is a new high rise condo going up. I do not know its name. It is also on the West side of the lake.

I looked for a name, but only found an open house sign. They were adding stucco to the outside of the concrete, so it will be some time before you can move in.

Looking back from the West to the East, this is a big building. It is not on an Island, but is out quite far into the lake and has a view to kill for.

I'd buy this before Atlantis, in a heart beat. Even if it did cost half again as much.

This is Bay Point, a twenty something year old condo complex. A friend of mine has a unit in here and he reads the blog quite often. You do not have to buy brand new to have a nice place on the lake. I looked to see if Jack was there, but alas, no one home.

Ever wonder how all the rock and landscaping is completed on the lake front. These guys are headed back to their dock with the load of rock delivered. Check the size of that machine on the barge. Its all a routine days work, and they think nothing about it.

Back at our dock, the wind was still blowing hard enough that I had a bad time getting into the slip. At one point, I bonged into the dock with the pontoon. Didn't hurt the boat, but messed up the plastic bumper on the dock. Finally I got parked.

I had quite a sunburn or wind burn, from my trip and had to use a gallon of Ocean Potion, last night. It is still sore this morning but I'll survive.

We just had a bunch of rain cells go over us again this morning. First clouds and then sun, but the wind is back to a normal breeze. Getting hot though.

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