Friday, October 31, 2008

The Police show up!

Remember when I said I had gone after the trailer? And that it would only be here until Saturday? Well you can't leave a trailer in the street, even overnight in Overland Park. So I learned this afternoon.

One of my nice neighbors decided to call the cops. Doesn't that just warm your heart? We have never left the trailer in front of our house for more than a day or so. And mostly, we just unload and head right over to storage, but I wanted to install a 12 volt wire from the converter distribution panel to the end of the cabinet by the entry door. So I brought it over to work on things.

We did learn that you can have a trailer in your drive for 48 hours, before you must move it to some place else. So I backed it into the drive. This is quite a slant up from the street to the house, and the refridge is not going to begin to get cold, but at least the cops can't give me a ticket until Saturday, and we plan to be gone by then.

Between the CC&R's (conditions covenants and restrictions) and the city ordinances, it is surprising we even get to live in these houses. I haven't enjoyed living in this community since we came here three years ago. I am from Iowa, where everyone is nice to you and very friendly. Here you are lucky if you get a nod or a half hearted wave from your neighbors. On the roads, you are constantly blasted with a horn or flipped off. Get the He!! outa my way!!

I would never select this community as a place to live if it wasn't for the grandkids.

Oh and by the way I did get that 12 volt wire installed this afternoon. I also revamped my Direct TV dish and tripod. I hooked it up and kind of half heartedly aimed it in the direction I thought the satelite would be, and turned on the TV to put it in the dish pointing m0de. Low and behold it was right on the signal. I had all the bolts out of the thing, and reset every angle, but somehow I lucked into being right on the bird. Usually you mess with the thing for a half hour before you get it tuned in.

With that said, I haven't had the receiver hooked up for about a month, and I had lost the authorization codes, so all I could watch was the movie preview channels. I had to call the people and have them reauthorize me. You can do it yourself over the internet, but I can never remember how. I messed with the web site for quite a while before giving up. But it works now!

So maybe they will come and pull the trailer out of my drive in the morning, time will tell.

Happy Halloween!

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod happy H I was suprised that you were on the road again. will try to find you on skype tonight. By the way have the kids move to Iowa then you can live where you belong. I know where there a lot of nice houses where you can put your trailer and radio gear. Lowell Ps All us hams miss your voice up here.

  2. Sorry to hear about the police incident. Just wanted to let you know that your kids and grand kids are very happy that you live in OP and we would be sad to see you go anywhere else. Have fun on your trip to a warmer destination.


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