Monday, December 1, 2008

Slow Day

The snow continued this morning and kept us in cold conditions. We were actually above freezing, and the snow was sort of melting off the roads, but the wind and overcast continued to make it coooool outside.

So we have stayed inside here for the day. Never venturing too far from the fire, and feeling kind of bunk o, if that is a word that means anything to anyone. I have a sinus thing going on, that has provided the headache and crossed eyes kind of feeling.

Loyce has been working on the grandkids coats all weekend, as they both have either ripped the side out of one, or ripped the teeth out of a zipper on the second. They grow so fast, it seems like a waste to throw out clothes that still fit when they can be repaired.

With that said, it took her all day to replace the zipper, as it has to be sewn into about four layers of folded material. She took it over late tonight, and the parents were elated to have it back.

After the football game last night, I decided that today would be a day with the TV in the off position. I get so tired of all the commercials, that I am willing to forego the whole process.

Perhaps the sun will come out tomorrow and remove the bunk o feeling that I have had today and we will go out and do something. Lol.

Retired Rod

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