Monday, September 20, 2010

Rambling on Sunday

Well so much for not watching football!!!   They changed to the Iowa Arizona game after the early game was over.  And I had to watch that!  Iowa had given away two touch downs early in the game by allowing a blocked punt to be ran into the endzone, and then coughed up an interception for the second easy score.

All that happened before I could watch on the TV, so I was following along on one of the internet stats and scores programs.  And about when I finally could see what was going on the pesky Arizona folks ran one back the length of the field for another score.  I all but gave up!  27 to 7 Arizona at the half.

It was getting quite late, and I wanted to just go to bed, but Iowa came back with a nice passing touchdown, so I had to stay up.  Then they scored two more and tied the game.  But it was not to be, as Arizona marched the length of the field and scored again.  We lost and I got to bed at 1:30 AM.

Last night we had a storm come thru Kansas City at dusk.  It was a real lightening dussey.  Our northern suburbs had hail as large as tennis balls which broke out car windows and left dents in cars like soft balls.  This was all over the news as folks emailed hail pictures to the TV stations.  We were still experiencing lightening at 2 AM.

Once I got out of bed mid morning, I had a date with Mr. John Deere and the hay field that was my yard.  It was in the 90s here today, and the humidity was just as high.   The yard was still wet from the night before, but I mowed it anyway, as we are scheduled to get more rain again.

Late in the afternoon, I headed out on the scooter just to shop for a battery tender.  This is a little charger brick that plugs into the house power and floats the battery all winter during storage. Trouble is I have way too many batteries that need to be floated.  The motorcycle shops all want $40 for essentially the same 750 ma charger on a card.

Late tonight, I stopped back in the automotive section at Wal Mart and found a floating charger for half of the price that the motorcycle stores want.  They are all made in China, but the Wal Mart one is 1,500 ma.  So twice the size and $21 and still has the same float cycle so it can be left on a battery indefinitely. Sold!!!  It even came with the little pig tail wiring adapter that connects permanently to the battery, they get $7 more for that at the MC shops.  Buy in the specialty stores and get the special prices!

I'm trying not to turn on the TV for tonights football game, but I know I will succumb.  I have a real problem here and I admit it!!

Retired Rod


  1. Never heard of a battery tender before. A trickle charger, yes. Do you leave the battery in the scooter all winter & just hook this tender thing to it??

  2. I saw some of those too, at Walmart, I usually take the two batteries out of the trailer for Dec & Jan when we get the sub zero temps and just trickle charge them every couple of weeks let me know if you think this would work where I could put them on the bench and let one of those tenders on it for the two months until they go back in the trailer and are plugged in again. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I have a 1 amp trickle charger I use from time to time, but for the RV's I actually hook a bank of timers up and let them get a taste of shore power for 1 hour each per day. Seems to work so far, all are in good shape and not boiled dry.

    Once winter comes the kids fill the quonset hut with their RV's and we leave our truck camper and horse trailer there also. Hopefully the bus will be Arizona bound.

  4. I have one of those gizmos too, only like Al says, we call them 'trickle chargers'. I've used it mostly for the battery in my John Deere ridem mower and it always seems to restore it to life.

    Enjoy the Monday Night Football game tonight - ha, ha!!


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