Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Suspenders!  Yea my grandpa used to wear em!  And he was really old.  Well at least he seemed really old because I was only 11 when he passed on.  That was back in 1958.  This was my maternal grandfather, not the fellow that dug the old well shaft with the shovel, as he was my paternal grandfather.  I never knew him, so I can't vouch for suspenders with grandpa Jim.

Well now, you are really confused.  But most folks don't wear suspenders now days, but,,,,,If you have just had your belly cut down the middle, belts are out of the question big time!  I have been wearing sweat pants since I came home, and even then the draw string causes pain.

So today, I decided that I needed some suspenders like my grandfather Henry!  But where do you buy such things? Wal Mart doesn't carry such items, and neither does Target.  So thinking about it, I decided that an old time store like Sears would have them.

So about noon, I headed out on the 10 mile trip over to our local Sears.  This is the longest trip I have gone on since coming home, but again I was determined to get it done.  I will have been home for a week tomorrow, so it is time to go farther.

I'm still quite tender in the front, but the shaking of the car over the ground is not bothering me as much as it did last Saturday, so I made it without incident.  Sears is almost a dead store here in Overland Park, Kansas, and I am amazed that there were so few employees in this really big store.

And yes they had a whole wall of suspenders made by several manufactures. I was amazed!  I purchased a simple all black elastic model, and carried it to the lone check out counter in the entire store.  It took me about a half an hour to wait in line to charge a thirteen dollar item.  Sears is more than likely a dead retailer.

I was really needing to get back to the car, once I had my purchase, but the suspenders are just the ticket as it will allow me to wear my normal pants without a belt.  I'm just not a sweat pants kind of a guy, so I am closer to getting back into the groove here.

I just can't sit around here in the house!

Earlier, I wrote a little explanation of Why I go to Wendy's so much, and seemed to start a rather large discussion on the merits of fast food.  So if you haven't read the previous posts and their comments, drop back and enjoy the discussion.  Or if you are even somewhat ornery!!!! Add to the opinions and attitudes.

Retired Rod


  1. Gordon has worn suspenders for quite a few years now. They're usually covered by a vest though!

    My Dad always wore them. He had these rainbow coloured ones......

  2. I really like these side clip suspenders from Duluth Trading Co. No straps up front. http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/clothes-workwear/mens/mens-belts-mens-suspenders/92992.aspx?feature=product_2

  3. Next thing you know, you'll have a big assortment of fancy suspenders just like Larry King. I'll just bet family members are already thinking "at last, something to get Grandpa for Christmas"!!

  4. I've always thought more men should wear suspenders. It sure beats seeing plumbers' crack! :)


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