Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Medical Time

The alarm went off at 7AM!  I was in a trance.  But I had been asleep for most of the night, after not sleeping too well the night before.  But back to 7AM, I had to get up.  We were to be over at the Hospital by 8.  But today I wasn't the patient.

Loyce had the same test scheduled for today that I failed back in September.  So for the third time, we went thru the laxative prep procedure the day before.  All of you folks over 50 have been thru this bit, and I won't go into it for the youngsters out there.  Just know your time will come!

I didn't have to drink the stuff this time, but I think it is almost harder on me to watch Loyce go thru what I experienced twice last month.  Puts you right back into the thick of the experience again.  But at least she passed the test that I failed.  This is stupendous, because we do want to leave the area for the winter, and if she had failed..........

We were back out of the Hospital by about 10:30, but she was hungry, so we stopped for some breakfast at McDonalds.  She orders the eggs and the sausage patty, and water.  No bread, and no fried potatoes for  her!  I know, she is smart!

So the rest of her day was sleeping off the IV drugs that they knock you out with.  She could hardly keep awake on the ride home.

I went out mid afternoon and drove around some, just looking at nothing in particular.  I drove thru the car lot looking at new toad vehicles, but didn't like any of them.  A pesky salesman caught me and  asked about a million questions that I didn't want to answer, and knew less about his product than I did.  He made sure I had his card, but didn't add one bit of information that I didn't already know.  I'll be sure and look him up with a purchase decision! Ya you bet.

Once back home, I have been immersed in the computer looking up all manner of worthless stuff on the Watch Geeks web site.   That is another of my many hobbies, learning about watches and the movements inside.  Of course, I want to buy them all, but try to keep it within reality.  Every now and then Jim Skelton on Shop NBC will get me though.

So that was our day here, not too productive, but then another of the medical appointments has been checked off the list, which makes us just that much closer to checking out of here!

Retired Rod

Oh, by the way, the pieces to the Wolfgang Puck griddle/grill arrived today in Fed Ex Blue.  I think it was more than a week ago that they emailed me that they were shipped.  But at least they arrived and were in fact a left and a right side.  And also had the back piece too.  Now we have all kinds of pieces!  


  1. Stupendous is just the right word to describe Loyce's test results! That's terrific news, Rod, please pass on congrats to her from Paulette and I.

    Looks like you'll be heading to Arizona on schedule after all!

  2. So do the pieces for the griddle/grill fit properly? And were the proper number of nuts and bolts included? Remember when you used to buy stuff that was already assembled?

  3. Great news on Loyce, one less worry, and now your path is clear for your trip south. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Glad Loyce is ok. Always makes you feel better to know all is well with our loved ones. Stay safe.

  5. Congrats on Loyce passing the test!! :) Always feels so good to get that news after a medical appt.

  6. Oh the dreaded "test"! Glad it went well for Loyce. Soon you will both be ready to hit the road and "get outta there".

  7. So glad to hear that Loyce passed her exam and that you're doing well.

  8. Good news and soon you will be seeing those Saguaro's


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