Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Loyce's Dinner and I hang back from outside tasks!

So we did it, and no I didn't have enough nerve to follow Al's suggestion that we go to Wendy's.   I read it to her and she said "HA HA HA,  yea Right."

So tonight we went to Long Horn Steak House. Loyce had a nice Rib Eye Steak, and I had Lobster Bisque Soup and a Baked Potato.  Since she didn't finish all of her steak, I got a few bites of that too.  The restaurant is over by our new Bass Pro Shop Outdoor Store.  It is in a new strip shopping mall and I didn't remember that it was there.

Loyce kept telling me it was over next to that fishing store.  Well you know me, I thought she was referring to a local bait shop with the water tanks and smelly worms and stuff.  I kept going over in my mind what she was talking about.  I had to have her direct me to where she was thinking.  She kept telling me it was over on 119th and so it was.  And yes, I have ridden the bike thru there repeatedly.  But I wasn't looking at the restaurants in the strip malls at the time!

And like Brenda suggested, I didn't go mow the yard today, because it causes me to use those muscles down the front of me too much.  Then they get to aching late at night.  It feels fine while you are doing it, but then catches up with you later.

So I hung around inside most of the day.  Working with the computer and messing around with Picasa and the Web Albums.  I see that I have used over half of my free allotted space for the blog pictures, so if I get to storing other photos up there, I will need to start paying.  That doesn't really bother me much, as I think this is a great service that Google is providing with Blogger and Picasa!  Paying to make sure it doesn't go away, that's OK too.

Tomorrow is the first visit with the family doctor for diabetes and all the related stuff.  I find that if I have just been in when I call for scripts and such, me being in Arizona doesn't bother them much.  Just give them the phone number of the local pharmacy and they call.  But, if it has been a while, then all bets are off.

Wednesday is the trip to the surgeon so he can admire his work!  Well, perhaps he will do some other things as well.  We will see how that goes!

Retired Rod


  1. Dinner sounds absolutely delicous!

  2. Good for Loyce for holding out for a Rib Eye steak over a Wendy's burger! I'm with her all the way on that one! Happy Birthday again, Loyce - way to put a dent in the old man's wallet!!

    Maybe your family doctor will have some sympathy for you as a result of your surgery and won't go too hard on the don't do this, don't eat that, exercise more stuff - I always hate listening to that.

  3. Lobster Bisque....that sounds delicious. Now I am going to be hankering some.

    Please don't over do it, take time to heal properly.

    Many Happy Returns to Loyce.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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