Monday, October 18, 2010

Kicked back in KC

I never left the house, and mostly sat and watched the NFL football games, that I profess that I don't like.  Even falling asleep during the last part of the neck and neck Minnesota and Dallas game.  I awoke to sports center, where I finally learned that Farve pulled it out at the end.

Tonight I became interested in the computer again, until I ended up watching Man VS Food for a while.  What a waste of time, but hey I'm healing up now.

So I have absolutely nothing to report in our lives here in Overland Park.  Oh, I must explain, that my son Chris and his wife had a bunch of problems with mice in their stored travel trailer last winter, and that probably caused my dream about mice in the motorhome. 

The little rascals die where you can't get at them, and smell forever, so I'm not being weird or anal or anything, I just hope not to go thru any of those problems.

Retired Rod


  1. I had a similar type day as you Rod, just watching a bunch of NFL games with the odd switchover to the baseball game when something was happening. Some pretty good games though with a few going into OT.

  2. I hate mice, and we have only had one bad experience with them in our 3 and half years of traveling full-time. My Colts won again on Sunday. Stay safe.


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