Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yet another Football Saturday!

Oh, the tears, my Hawkeyes lost by one point on a mistake at the end of the game!!!!  Sports is a bummer when you are on the losing side of the coin!

But again I spent the day with the college football games.  A complete and total waste of my time, but I enjoy it so much!!

Loyce went over to the grandkids house and delivered a large cupcake and a lot of small ones for Ema's birthday party that she was having with her girlfriends.  She was 7 about the time I was having surgery.  But tonight is a belated party, as it is so hectic to schedule anything.

I passed on the opportunity, as the little kids sometimes become rambunctious and I didn't want to be bumped in the tummy.  They come running at full force and run right into you.  I am not in shape for that yet!

With 2 losses, Iowa will now just have to see if they can get a good bowl.  And any thought of the Rose bowl is history!  We have to play Ohio State, and Michigan State yet, so our losses could be higher yet.  Oh well there can only be one winner of the big ten!  And ten other teams will be disappointed.

So the day has gotten away from me!

Retired Rod


  1. Yes, the grands just don't realize that old bodies don't stand up to those running hugs as well as we use to. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So if there are ten disappointed teams does that mean the Big 10 is actually the "Big 11". Definitely no accounting schools in that group I

  3. Dang! I watched the Iowa vs Wisconsin game last night and thought the Hawkeyes were going to win for sure - until that fake punt doomed them!

    I can see where a bunch of little kids taking a running jump at you would be pretty painful right now. Let's hope you'll be ready for this by Christmas!


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