Monday, October 25, 2010

The mower and Loyce has another Birthday!

The page is blank and my head is just as blank.  But not from watching the football games, as I didn't watch a one today!  After all day yesterday and even into the late night, as I had to watch Missouri and Oklahoma go at it.  And again the kiss of number one was the kiss of death as Oklahoma lost!

This afternoon, I went out to see if the lawn mower would start for me in my weakened condition.  With its new primer pump, I was able to give it several good shots of gas, and it started first pull!  It is a two cycle, and doesn't require much of any strength to pull over.

So, I mowed the front yard.  The mower is self propelled, so all you have to do is walk behind it.  I made the half mile walk the other day, so the front yard is not much of a task.  But, I was really glad to go put the mower in the garage when it was done.   You do use more muscles with the mower than walking, and I will have to break that job up over several days this fall.

Now I will mow the back yard with the John Deere, as soon as I think I can stand to be jostled around on it.  It doesn't ride like a car as it has no springs.  Maybe I will give it a try later in the week.  But right now I have a bunch of Doctor's appointments in the next few days, so straining myself before seeing them doesn't seem to be in may best interest.

As you read this, it will be Loyce's birthday!  So even though she never reads the blog and I could tell any number of tall tales about her here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!!!!

I will have to take her out for dinner tomorrow, even if I need to eat some soup or something bland.

Retired Rod


  1. Tell Loyce a Big Happy Birthday from us, Good idea to rest up a little for those Doctors appointments, they are stressful enough.Dinner out is always good, no mess afterwards. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Yes please say a big Happy Birthday to Loyce from us please. Continue to get better Rod and don't push yourself to fast it really isn't worth it. I did that when I was much much younger after a major surgery and I paid the price believe me so just take it easy for awhile

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  3. Happy Birthday to Loyce and please give her our best wishes!

    I'm surprised to hear you were out cutting the lawn already but good for you. I should have been, but I watched a few NFL games yesterday.

    Good luck with your Doctor's appointments.

  4. Happy Birthday Loyce, and have many more. Little steps, thats what the Doctors always say after major surgery. Stay safe.

  5. Perhaps if you were to suggest Wendy's for supper she just might start reading the blog just to get back at you. Happy Birthday Loyce:))


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