Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hoping for the long Run!

I stayed away from the Wal Mart Pharmacy today, as their is no need to make myself angry another time.  Perhaps the memory will fade and I can return again.  Or perhaps I will become hungry and need groceries, LOL.

My oldest son Chris stopped by and paid us a visit this morning and we got to catch up with him as it has been two weeks since we have seen him.  He works in distant cities during the week, and often different cities.  They won't always pay his airfare home, so we as a family deal with the weeks he is away.

Other than that, we hung around here all day.  Loyce got tired of me not finishing the mowing from last week, so she headed out and mowed the back yard with the Lawnboy.  It is self propelled and fairly light, as lawn mowers go, but it is still work!

It seemed to be warmer here today, but as I look at the outdoor weather station, I see it is only 50 outside.  But our wind has totally subsided, and that will make us much warmer in the house.

I want to report that all the pain has gone away, and that I am back to normal, but alas it is slow, so I am hanging in here and hoping for the long run!

Retired Rod


  1. Glad the pain is gone and you are still hanging in there. It's hard to have patience when you are waiting to get back to "normal".

  2. I am very glad for you that the pain is gone, and you are wise to take it easy for a while. Overdoing it could cause the pain to start up again.

  3. I think contrary to the popular saying 'no pain no gain' you will be proof of the opposite to be true...'no pain lotsa gain:))'

  4. The scariest part of any surgery is waiting, it always seems like you will never get back to the way you were, But with patience it is happening. Wish you a faster recovery. Be safe Out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. so glad that you are feeling better and better each and every day.

  6. The way I'm reading your post Rod, is that you 'want' to report the pain is all gone but you aren't able to yet because it's still there some.

    Hopefully, that will improve a lot quicker in the next few weeks and you'll soon be feeling a lot better and be able to get back to your full activities.

  7. Your right Rick, I want to tell everyone that I am back, but the fact is that I am struggling to make it late at night.

  8. I did read it that you "wish" you could say your pain is gone, but thought maybe I read it wrong. Sorry that it's not gone, but hang in there, we all are praying for you.


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