Thursday, October 28, 2010

The surgeon

The trip to the doctor's office was uneventful!  I was early, but they led me to an exam room almost immediately.  Within 10 minutes the doctor showed up, still almost a half hour early.  He thanked me for being so prompt and discussed my progress.

He explained that I was wise to have gone thru this operation before the growth turned into Cancer!  Because it would have!  Yikes!

He then had me stand and bare my front so he could look at the incision.  Evidentially I passed as he said "looks good."    And then " you won't have to come back here again unless you think you need to."

And with that we shook hands and he was gone.  Busy Fellow.

Last night and today have not been the best, however, as I think I have has some reaction to the flu shot in my weakened condition.  Nothing drastic, just that it aggravated my already compromised bowel.

I am not going to stick around long tonight and rattle off opinions as they might come out downtrodden in attitude.  So its best that I just go up to bed and watch some more late night TV.

Perhaps tomorrow!

Retired Rod


  1. Congrats on the good report! :) Hope you are feeling better today.

  2. Each day will be better than the one before. Soon you will be hooking up that scooter and heading somewhere warm.

  3. Keep your chin up, you're doing great! Glad to hear that the tumor was not cancerous. You were so lucky!

  4. Hope your pipes are working better soon! :)

  5. So happy to hear that the tumor was not cancerous. Take care.

  6. That was great news, Rod. I'll bet you were just skipping down those stairs back to your car! You weren't skipping? Well, just give it a few more weeks now and you will be!

  7. What great news! I'm so glad that you do not need any furthur treatment. In just a few short weeks you'll be feeling more like yourself and back in action.


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