Sunday, October 17, 2010

Football Saturday

I have watched so many football games, my mind is mush!  But I must celebrate that Iowa rather soundly beat Michigan.  Everyone likes to beat Michigan, and they aren't as good this year as they have been in the past, but no one told them that.

They mounted a comeback that rivaled any number one team over the years.  But Iowa held them off.  I am a proud Hawkeye tonight!

But I am also just as proud of the Wisconsin Badgers for getting on top of number one Ohio State!  They took it to them hard in the opening quarter, and Ohio never could mount enough of a comeback to get back on top.  Only problem, is that Iowa has to play Wisconsin, so perhaps that will not be so good for the future.  I have always enjoyed the big ten and its teams.  Our teams seem quite balanced  in most years.  You just never know how the games will turn out.  And that is what makes it so exciting.

In the RV world, I had a dream last night that the motorhome was infested with mice!  I had visions of them crawling up into the storage lockers and then into the slide mechanisms.  You can see into the storage bins when the slides are in.  That even haunted me once I was awake, so I went over to Tractor Supply Co, and purchased some mouse traps.

Once at the storage place, I loaded the traps with peanut butter from a jar grabbed from home.  I set them along the floor walls.  I could see no evidence of mice, like chewed stuff and droppings but perhaps its not quite cold enough for them to start looking for places to hibernate.

The storage lot is an all black top parking lot, for almost a block in every direction, so perhaps that will help keep them at bay.  Surely my dream was an over rev, but I couldn't ignore it.

While at TSC, I bought a pair of coveralls.  Not the insulated kind, just the twill kind.  I hope to use them here around the house, in place of my pants.  They have no waist or belt, and that is welcome about now, as I still can feel every stitch.    Getting your front sliced open is no fun for a while!

I am patiently waiting for my insides to heal some, so I won't be so full of gas, as bloating has been a big problem with this recovery.  Again, it all takes time!

Retired Rod

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  1. Dreaming of mice in your motorhome? Going and buying mousetraps based on a dream? I'm getting a bit worried about you Rod! Maybe too much time in your lazy-boy watching football is making your brain malfunction a tad!!

    I needed a good laugh this morning though and your blog has provided me that - so thanks! Enjoy those overalls too!


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