Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wolfgang Puck Griddle Grill

Since I am not sleeping much until the wee hours of the morning, when the sleeping pills/pain pills take over, I watch mindless TV.

You know the on going infomercials. And on HSN (Home Shopping Network) I saw a griddle grill that looked kind of nice.  Of course it was a Wolfgang Puck product, and Wolfgang himself was happily cooking away on the appliance making everything from soup to nuts.

So in a fit of,,, oh my wouldn't that be neat to have, I got on the internet and ordered it.  You know, in the shopping cart, select paypal, and type in your password, and whammo its yours.

Well today was the day that it arrived, and I brought it in, all packaged in numerous cardboard boxes neatly jambed into an overall outer box.  One end was crushed in quite severely, thanks to the nice UPS folks.

But as I opened it up, the product didn't seem to be hurt inside.  There wasn't much to it, a base and a drip pan, and the grill part that is reversible with the griddle on one side and the grill on the other.  A cord goes in one end with the dial temperature gauge, and a splatter fence, or shield, I think they call it.

Now I have been accused of having two left feet at times, but try as I might, the shield would not go together correctly.   Comparing the pieces to the pictures, quickly allowed the explanation that I had two right sides and no left side.

Calling HSN  afforded the explanation that they just drop ship the stuff, and that my problem was with WP Appliances. Essentially I was told, "don't send it back here." So after another call to the WP folks, they apologized and offered to send the corrected pieces in 10 to 14 days.

"Anything else we can do for you?"   Well, ya, I kind of wanted to use it today, not two weeks from now.  "OK sir, I'll put rush on the order," and with that they were gone.

I used the grill side of the cooker to do a couple of hamburgers tonight, and it worked quite quickly, and the entire cook plate went right in the sink of soapy water and cleaned easily.  So in concept, I think it is a good deal, now if I was just more patient about things not being right.

But then I did use the 4 value pay option, so they are waiting for me to pay for it too!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Donna just bought a round miniature version of the George Foreman grill for the trailer, it was a buy one and get a second one free deal, it is good for about two hamburgers. When it arrived one came with some neat attachments like a waffle attachment and an omelet maker, the second one I guess you could call it the freebie, did not have those.We gave the second one to our son, and kept the other with attachments for the trailer. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. That looks like a really nice grill. We might have to add that to our list of MUST-HAVES.

    Travel Safe

  3. I got a real good laugh reading about you ordering from the Home Network Channel because my dear Grandmother, who live to be 102, used to watch that all the time - it was her favourite TV show!

    So, Rod, maybe this is a good omen. I can just see you at 100 yrs. old, sitting in your recliner and buying all kinds of great gizmo's and gadgets! In the meantime, though, you still have a lot of travellin' time and Wendy's burgers ahead of you.

    Wolfgang Puck? You looked like a George Foreman guy to me!

  4. Great post. Love the grill. Thanks for your good info on my collage problem. Stay safe.


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