Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Off to the Doctor

Rick brought up my family Doctor and do's and don'ts.  But my Doctor is a kind of heavy 40 something fellow that has all the same problems with food and temptations that the rest of us have.  That's why I like the fellow.  He understands and fights the demons that we all do.

He isn't a bit pious about having done everything right and you, you fats son of a gun, are doing it all wrong!  No he is overweight, and talks about how hard it is to keep on the straight and narrow.  He talks about what works for him and what hasn't.  He even asked me what I had done in some cases, to battle these temptations saying that he needs more control himself.

So this is the guy that I went in to see this morning, and he was cheerful and jolly as usual, but then serious when he started to go thru all the stuff that he needed to.  I did all the lab stuff, and was drained of all my fluids and then hit the road.  I did get a flu shot in the process, and was happy to learn that this years shot includes the H1N1 virus as well as all the other seasonal stuff.  So they think that one shot does it all this year.

So now tomorrow I have to go to the surgeon and have him give me another once over.  I'm not sure what that will entail but its not optional.

I did stay home this afternoon and just hang out.  As walking all over the Hospital and Doctor's buildings this morning was a fairly good workout.  It was my own fault, as I parked in front of the wrong building.  I was brain dead, parking in front of the building where the old office had been located.  Then when inside, remembering that it was over a building now.

So I went up to the third floor where they have a walkway to cross the parking area over to the other building.  Then down a floor in the inside stairway to the second floor and the office.  Of course the return trip retraced all these steps.  Except I went the wrong way on coming out of the office so that led me even farther away from where the car was parked.  I'm sure it was good and needed exercise so I am not complaining.

Here at home, I managed to get a nap in during the afternoon.  Even after three weeks, that pesky anesthesia makes you tired at three o'clock.   Well at least that is my excuse!

I am mindful that most folks have to go back to work at the end of four weeks, and that I would not be ready as of Monday of next week.  Well maybe if I heal up some more between now and then.  But being retired, that won't be an issue.

It was somewhat cold and windy here today!  Well really windy overnight and this morning.  But the sun here in Kansas almost always comes out.   And this afternoon it did as well, warming us up into the 60's.  Still, in the wind, I needed a jacket.  So long to the T shirt and shorts weather!

Retired Rod


  1. Glad to hear that your progressing on schedule. I to had a visit with my family doc yesterday and refreshed some prescriptions and got that flu shot so I am ready to roll now. But it will be another week until we leave anyway.

  2. Hey Rod, I like your Doctor already and you've given me a good idea - I have to look for a rolly-polly one!!

    I've never had a flu-shot before because I hate getting needles but I'm thinking about it this year and still not sure.

    Good luck with the surgeon today.

  3. Glad you like your Doctor, I think that is half the battle. Hope you get good news at your surgeons today. Stay safe.


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