Monday, October 11, 2010

Football Daze

Another long day of watching TV and mindless football games.  I don't care much for NFL games, as they don't seem to make much difference to me.

Perhaps I don't see the competitive spirit between cities.  I don't align myself with KC, and feel thats any better than Chicago, since I have lived there too.  So I miss the point.  They are both big dirty cities in my book, that I would just as soon not be part of.

So after thinking about how all my Canadian friends are up there eating all the turkeys we grow down here in the states, and up to their eyes in mashed potatoes, I got really hungry........... for Wendy's!!

So I ducked out and drove over to Wendy's thru the residential streets.  About a mile or so.  Ordered a 99 cent double stacker with no onions, and that was my feast!!  Savored the little burger, every bite.

Its still a bit rich for my tender insides, so it wasn't with me long, but at least the ice is broken!  Tonight I had the much more mundane cold meat sandwich on toast, with pudding for desert, but for a little while all was right in the world again.  So I had my Canadian Thanksgiving celebration lunch!

Maybe by the US Thanksgiving in late November all of this will be past and things will have returned to more normal, what ever that is. 

We still plan to get on the road sometime after Black Friday.  Our reservation for the RV resort is for Dec 1.  I'm sure we don't have to be there exactly that day, but we are on the monthly rent, so our paid nights begin then.

I feel so mindless just sitting here reading and lounging, but the RN I live with is watching, so I have to be kind of good!!!  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. If, in fact, the turkey we had for dinner was an American turkey, then thanks! It was terrific.

    It was great to see you finally got back to Wendy's as I'm betting there stock prices fell dramatically with the news of your recent surgery.

    I guess now that you're well on the road to a full recovery, now would be a great time for all of us to invest in Wendy's!!

  2. Hey Rod, Wendy's is a good sign your getting back to the old Rod. I know you will be fit as a fiddle long before your trip, just convince your better half of that, Be safe out there .Sam & Donna

  3. Mike too lives with an RN and has been struggling with health issues--these men, they just won't behave themselves!

  4. Does the R.N. know how often you eat at Wendy's? That stuff doesn't do you any good, you know.

  5. Rod I ate enough turkey and ham and all the trimmings
    for both of us so take it easy on your guts and let me carry the load for


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