Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just sitting here

I must be getting better, because I am having trouble just sitting here being a good boy!  If I move too much, I am reminded quite quickly of the stitches in the front of me.  But sitting around has never been my style much either.

My son Chris came over this morning and ran both the push trim mower, and then Mr John Deere over the yard.  He had brought his mowers, but never got them out of his truck.  It only took about a half an hour, but during that time, I was outside walking around the house.  It was in the 80's here today, and so nice!

I'm not sure how many of those days we have left, so I will enjoy that while I can. 

For the first time, I have gone all day without a nap in the afternoon, and I am going along fairly strong yet this evening.  So I think I am improving.  And the trips to the little room behind the summer kitchen have slowed down too, and that has bolstered my attitude.

I haven't thought about any more stories from going out on my grandmother's acreage since last night, but I'm sure there are some more memories if I dwell on it for a while.

Perhaps tomorrow,  but then tomorrow is football Saturday, but the Iowa Hawkeyes have a bye week, so I can just watch the games without being so emotionally involved.  But will that happen?  Nah!  Not likely.....

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you're making terrific progress, Rod. But, don't go too fast as long as your son is coming over to cut the grass, I'd head back to the recliner and milk it for all it's worth.

    I prefer watching any sports now where I'm not emotionally involved. It's too nerve wracking hanging on every pitch, every shot and every long pass. If I don't really care, I can just enjoy all the great plays (as long as the Cowboys don't win, that is)!!

  2. If you can get your son to cut grass. milk it for all it's worth, been many moon's since ine got on a tractor,sounds like you are feeling better, each day should bring a little more feeling of normalcy, be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. Glad to hear you are chomping at the bit to be up and doing. That is always a good sign. Thank you so much for the comment you and Loyce left regarding my brother.


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