Monday, October 11, 2010

Fast Food

As Gypsy points out eating at fast food hamburger stands is not in your best interest!  But my choice of Wendy's is a conscious choice!  Wendy fries their french fries in oil that has zero grams of trans fat, and a small fry only has 2.5 grams of saturated fat.  This is quite low in the fast food business.

The small double stack hamburger has only 340 calories and no trans fat either.  But being hamburger, does have 8 grams of saturated fat.  This is not good for you, but life is not always perfect.

Wendy's does not use pure beef, a fact that they are quite quiet about.  They pad the meat with soy flour, and if you are allergic to soy products they would not be a good choice for you.  But, the soy is actually better for you from a fat standpoint.

I have been lucky in my life, that my body has always had good cholesterol readings.  So I'm in the low 100s most of the time.

As a diabetic, I am plagued with blood tests every three months, and scolded for too much of anything,  however since my cholesterol comes in good, I get away with too much Wendy's.  Now watch, I'll have a heart attack next week!!!

I can't drink because of the diabetes drugs, and can't smoke or have anything with sugar.  No ice cream no cookies no cake no sugar pop, the list is endless on sugar.  Like no apple sauce and on and on.

Start adding up how much sugar you intake in a day and you will be amazed.  Its a wonder that we all aren't diabetic.

So life has to have some quality to it, and for me its a small hamburger!

Oh, I forgot to mention that for some reason, I am allergic to all chicken products.  That reduces my options dramatically. 


  1. Stu is fortunate that he has been able to control his diabetes with diet and exercise changes. We switched to high fiber whole grain cereal, only whole grain breads and pasta, tossed out all processed foods (except canned tomato products) and added fresh veggies and fruits....lots of both. We eat beef maybe 1-2 times a month, opting for the turkey products along with fish and chicken. He's keeping his blood sugar in the 90's the majority of the time. Oh and Michelob Ultra is the one beer that doesn't seem to raise his blood sugar.

    Just keep doing the right gets better. Hugs!!

  2. "So life has to have some quality to it" I could not agree more and when I go I hope they fine me with a smile on my face and grease on my fingers.


  3. "No ice cream, no cookies, no cake no sugar pop", wow, I'm not sure I'd survive a week. So, go ahead and have your Wendy's burgers - make that a deluxe burger with cheese!! A guy's gotta have one food vice just to survive.

    As for Gypsy? What does a California organic food chomper really know about good food? I mean tasty food, not that 'green stuff' that she's always telling us to buy from local farms and markets. I've eaten my quota of 'green food' for this lifetime!

    I happen to love pizza's! I'll bet Gypsy would faint with fright if she saw my pizza loaded with ham, sauces, pepperoni, and toppings of who knows what or where from pesticide riddled farms.

    If Gypsy even likes pizza, it's probably one of those 'whole wheat crust' things with pure tasteless tomato sauce, organic basil (green) and some hippie goat cheese on top! Yuk!!

    O.K. I'm in enough trouble now, so I'd better stop here as I can already feel a storm brewing in Sacramento and I think it's headed up this way!!

  4. Wow - no sugar, no ice cream, nothing with chicken!!! If I had those dietary restrictions, I sure would look forward to my hamburgers too. :) I enjoy a good hamburger and I also eat all that other stuff as well. ;)

  5. Blabberfingers is staying out of this one!!

  6. Oh, oh. I think maybe Rick is in for a tongue lashing. :) I like hamburgers, too, but not the fast food kind.

  7. First of all my favorite pizza is sausage and pepperoni, regular thin crispy crust, and loaded with mozzarella. If I make it myself I use whole milk cheese. If you read labels, anything low-fat or lite is loaded with carbohydrates, which convert to sugar. The converted carbs are MUCH WORSE on your system than real sugar. So eat a couple of cookies, or ice cream, or candy bars, but for god's sake don't eat that lite stuff that full of stuff you don't even want to know about.

    Yes, Rick, I eat lots of fresh organic foods, and I have always been light on meat consumption. Healthy foods don't have to be made of a lot of fake crap that is worse for your body than what you are trying to avoid in the beginning.

    Rod, go ahead and eat Wendy's from now until doomsday. It isn't good for you, but then life is full of things that aren't good for you. Everyone has a choice. I consume a beer or two every day, and before I die I'm going to smoke a carton of cigarettes!

  8. Rod, you and I share the same diet restrictions,My doctor allows me to have a few beers, he recommended Miller High Life Light, which he said is the lowest in fat, sugar and salt. It is also cheap at home.I think it is his drink of choice also.I too have to go every three months and get tested, He is ticked with my numbers. Donna is always jealous and says how can a big guy like you have cholesterol and all those other numbers so low, just lucky I guess.Sounds like you are on the road to recovery. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...


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