Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A bad night but a nice walk in the afternoon.

This day kind of got away from me, as last night was not a good night from the surgery stand point.  I'm not sure why, but sometimes the incisions and interior work begins to ache and then I get the gas bloat business.  Maybe it is the other way around, the bloat makes the incisions ache.

But without determining which comes first the chicken or the egg, I spent the greater part of last night watching the mindless TV again.  At about 6:30 in the morning, I decided I needed some breakfast, and went down to the kitchen for a biscuit and a couple of links of sausage.  The frozen kind from Wal Mart!  Again just two, as my system is still very fragile.

With a bit of powdered  lemonade in a bottle, I returned to the bedroom to watch some more TV.  And low and behold, the next thing I remember is waking at about 11 AM.  I guess you get sleep when you get it.  That's the good thing about being retired.

When I came back downstairs, and flipped on the Computer Monitor, I realized that my blog hadn't posted from last night.  That always steams me!!  I know that I set it up correctly, and could see no reason that it didn't post.  Bolgger has a problem with that part of their system, as pushing publish again immediately posted it.  Had something been wrong with the dates and times, it wouldn't have posted correctly the second time.  Who knows?

But on the day that I am struggling, that is when it decides to mess up too.

In the middle of the afternoon, I decided to go on another walk around the neighborhood and made it around our large multi block circle.  It is about a half of a mile in circumference,  which is as far as I have gone since the surgery.  I can't go very fast, but steadily plodded along.  I did stop and rest a bit on one of the mail boxes at the far end of the circle, and was exceedingly relieved to get back to the house and the chair when it was over, but I made it.  That little  dodder would have been nothing last month, but now it seems like such an accomplishment.

I drove over and got the car washed later in the afternoon, just to get out again, but tonight I have been nose glued to this computer again.  Thank goodness for all the forums and all of your posts, as they have become my entire life here for the last three weeks.  It is appreciated!

Retired Rod


  1. Sorry to hear about your night, but at least you were able to make up a few hours of sleep. The time will fly by and you will be back to 100%, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. I've had that same problem with scheduled posts on Blogger. After publishing with LW now, I always go to Blogger's Edit Pages just to make sure it's "Scheduled". Most times it is, but on occasion it's there in 'draft' mode. Since I've been doing this, I haven't had a problem with not posting.

    Given that major surgery is a real 'assault' on the body, I guess it's not too surprising that the healing process has some ups and downs.

    I'm surprised at how well you are doing and, with more time, I'm sure all these painful episodes will soon diminish and disappear.

    Now, with that said, Dr. Doyle will be looking for an HMO to submit my hefty bill for medical advice!

  3. Sorry to hear you had a rough night. Thanks so much for all your help on my blog questions. I am always a bit leary about doing new things. Stay safe.

  4. A half of a mile is an accomplishment after major surgery! Good for you. :)


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