Sunday, April 24, 2011

Arrival at Red Bay

The wheels stopped spinning this afternoon about 2:30.  That is when we pulled into the Tiffin Alegro campground, here in Red Bay, Alabama.  Of course it was a Saturday, and all the repair shop doors were down and closed up tight.

But that doesn't stop the campers that remain for service starting on Monday.  I used to know how many spots there are here, but it is well over 100, and most of them are full, most of the time.  The staff routinely works on about 60 rigs at once, and we have an appointment for Monday the 25th of April, but we were informed that they are behind...........  We got a spot on the coveted asphalt runway.  Last year we were in the gravel.  The guy in the office had looked us up and knew we were returning customers........

We have to be back in KC on Thursday afternoon, so we might see our rig get worked on, and perhaps it will just be in line to get worked on after we leave.  But what ever happens, will be how it is.  Since we don't do the full time thing, we can just go home and wait to be called when its over.

I spent some of the afternoon perfecting the list of things to address.  I had it partially done from way back in Arizona, when we were living in the coach full time.  That's when you really know what is broken.

Today's drive was mostly uneventful, except for the drive thru Memphis.  About half a mile ahead of us, we had a small car run head long into a barrier entering a construction zone.  He struck it hard enough to spin completely around backwards and end up blocking the two narrow lanes that went thru the zone.

We waited for about 40 minutes in the congestion with the motorhome in Park gear.  We were going no where, as we were trapped.  May as well just relax and make the best of it.  I turned on the CB radio and listened as some of the truckers began to impress each other with how foul they could be on the radio.  Boy that got old really quick, but we did find out what was happening up ahead, and that they were pulling the car to the side, even though there were no tow trucks on the scene yet.

For me, once I get beyond Memphis, the drive thru Mississippi and its woods and narrow roads, causes me to almost go to sleep.  It seems to take forever and you don't get very far.  But perhaps that is because you can't see over the next hill, or around the curvy bends.  The woods kind of closes in on you.  The trees are very tall, and even though the sun is shining, the shade of the forest prevails.

We left the campground about 9:30 but had to go do the fuel stop thing at the local car gas 24/7 gas and go.  They only allow $75 worth of fuel to be purchased at one time, so you only get 19 gallons.  Our tank holds 80, but it was only about half down.  Still with a slow car pump, we were there a while.

Saturday morning in Memphis had bunches of cars zooming like little bees everywhere.  In and out of the lanes around us.  They assume that you can stop or slow down for them...........well, not exactly.  I was really glad that we had the brakes in the car, when the lanes came to the instant stop for the accident.  I was all over them and they reacted quickly and it was very noticeable when they began to assist.  If you are on the fence about brakes for your towed car, just do it!!!

Red Bay hasn't changed one bit since we were here last year!  This place is somewhat timeless, and things don't move very fast in any direction, but the big change here in the campground is that the price of camping has now doubled!!  It went from $10 to $20.  That ought to keep um movin along when they are done...  hmmmm.....

Happy Easter!!

Retired Rod


  1. Wow. I thought the camping at the repair facility was free while you waited to get your rig back.

  2. I've read many accounts of going to Red Bay and waiting for repairs. I am so glad I have never had to do that, never want to, and never will.

  3. Happy Easter while you camp out at the Red Bay Campground in Alabama. Sure hope they can get your rig in tomorrow and get the work all done so you can drive that beast home with you for Thursday.


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