Saturday, April 30, 2011

Loose ends on Friday!

The royal wedding has captivated all of our TV time today!  And we weren't even planning on watching it.  But Loyce likes all weddings, so naturally we had to watch this one too.  And I think we must have seen the reruns a bunch of times too.

I'm not up on all the who's who of the royal family, so between Loyce and the internet, I finally have figured out who some of the players are.  It really was very interesting and quite the spectacle.  But then if you had that much money to spend on things, perhaps you could put on quite a show too.  And just look at those women and their hats!!!!!  What's up with that?

Anyway I did manage to get outside and mow the all too tall grass with mr john deere.  Our john deere is a yard tractor, and is probably too big for our modest sized yard here in KC, so it doesn't turn tight enough to trim much of the yard.  For that, I have a older lawn boy two cycle walk behind mower.  It has been the subject of quite a bit of repair lately, so it ran nicely.

I have a gas powered string trimmer, that I usually fight to get started, but today I decided to go get a battery operated black and decker 18 volt small trimmer.  After charging the battery for some amount of time, I went out and made quick work of the edge trimming.  I think it will be a keeper, as it came with two batteries, and was on sale over at Lowes.  Buying replacement batteries will be more costly than the entire tool was on sale, so if it lasts for a couple of seasons, I'm good with it.

Also I went over to the insurance company to turn in the estimate on the motorhome.  They couldn't come up with my adjuster, as it turns out that he was on his last day here in Kansas.  And when they did find him, he didn't remember adjusting the motorhome.  Or me, or any details.  The folks at the office couldn't find my file, or even if I had a file.........

But in talking to the technicians down in Red Bay, this morning, they had the new doors all made and installed on the side of the rig.  Also the dome covers over the skylights and fantastic fan had been replaced.  The coach will now be waiting for its turn in the paint shop.  This worries me that the call to come get it will come before my insurance folks can prepare the payment.

The insurance folks wanted to call and negotiate the price that they are willing to pay.  Uh, folks, its a custom built deal, and its not like you are going somewhere else if they don't give you the price break!!

This evening I went out and rode the motorscooter for an hour or so as it was 79 degrees here in windy conditions.  That is the first time in weeks that it has been that warm.  That allowed me to forget the nutty insurance people.

Retired Rod


  1. Hope like you said they remember all the premiums you paid and find all your information, Nothing bugs me more than an inefficient employee that just doesn't do his /her job and then you are stuck having it done over. Good Luck on getting the whole deal resolved. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. I hear you trying to start a gas powered string trimmer sometimes. It can be frustrating.

    Aren't insurance companies just wonderful? Miss a payment and I'll bet they find your paperwork pretty quick!

  3. Rod-tell my sister that she can see Princess Di's wedding dress at the Union in KC. It is suppose to be a wonderful exhibit! Might be something fun to do for Mother's Day-or take her grand daughters! Just an idea-but I think she would love it!


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