Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hail claim adjuster

I am no closer to finishing that tax return because I can't stay on it.  Today the insurance adjuster showed up to climb on the roof of the house and look it all over.  He found enough damage to need to adjust the shingles on the house.  I don't know if that is part of the shingles or all of them or what, but I guess that will become more clear as we get into the project.

We also have damage to the rain gutter down spouts where the hail stones hit them and left rather large dings in the aluminum.  Now I need the auto adjuster to give me a call, but I understand that he is a completely different fellow.

Once the adjuster had gone, I got back on the tax return for a little while, until I received calls from the broker that I would be having the FedEx guy delivering another new credit card to replace the one that had a fraud attack.  So I had to be on the lookout for that fellow.

And once he was here, I needed to reactivate the new card by calling the card center and entering all the sensitive information.  And of course once it was activated, I had to jump on the motor scooter and go try to buy a hamburger with it.  Hey it works!

But after a little while of riding around on the scooter, it became a tad cool, since it was only in the early 60s outside.  Then it was back to the house, but by then I was tired of working on anything, so that tax return is still not finished.

Of course tonight I had to watch another watch show, just to see what they had that was new, you know....  Yea I know, I don't have time to mess with the ones I already have.

Another day was gone, and I didn't even do anything, other than convince the insurance guy we needed some new parts on the roof.

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty successful day! Well, except for the tax return that is.

    Hope you get lots of new shingles for the roof!

  2. I would say getting a new roof, a new credit card, and a hamburger all in one day, is a pretty full day.


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