Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hail Damages

I appreciate everyone's well wishes on hail damage, but such was not to be the case.  The Camry car has fairly small little dents in the rear deck lid and in the bright trim work around the windows.  The pickup seems to have alluded most of the carnage, but I haven't been on top of the roof yet.

Now the motorhome is an entire different story, as all of the bin doors on the drivers side look as though they were beat up with a two pound mall.  They are made from aluminum, and are fragile on a good day, and last night was not a good day.

I have not been on top of the rig, as last weeks medical procedure precludes any climbing on ladders, but I would assume at a minimum we are talking new AC shrouds, and if they are broken completely, then the condenser coils might be damaged also.   The windows do not seem to be broken, and the fiberglass end caps seem to be in tact.

But driving over to the storage lot where the utility trailer is parked, netted another damaged vehicle as there are dents all over that rig as well.  It just wasn't our night.  In addition many of my neighbors are talking hail damage to their roofs as well.  Asbestos shingles can't stand golf ball sized hail as it knocks off the shingle sand and cracks the shingles as well.

I called the insurance company, and they indicated that they are overwhelmed with calls from our area, and I'm sure that is truly the case.  I have a thousand dollar deductable, but we will exceed that on all of the vehicles.  The good news is that it is once per occurance, and not per vehicle.

The other cars were in the garage, and were not damaged.  And that includes the new Honda that we just purchased.  Tonight it is in the garage over at the trailer place waiting for its new towing base plate to be installed in the morning.

They were all over me to purchase a tow bar and lighting and the like, when I delivered it this afternoon.  They haven't worked with me before, and do not realize that I will take my time in purchasing each item, once I determine what the price should be and which piece I want.  I don't head off in a shotgun manner, with my head down in the getter done mode, like some folks.

I didn't run right out to look at the cars today, as I couldn't bear the thought of what I knew I would find.  But by about 5 PM I had seen enough to call the insurance adjuster and make sure I was on his list of stuff to do.  They are in a small shopping center, and I had the darnedest time explaining that I couldn't just pop on in in a 40 foot motor home, as they had no place to park such a vehicle.  He was still working on that one in his mind when I last parted company with him on the phone.

So that's the news from here in KC today, other than my printer is also broken and won't communicate with either of my computers.  Aaack!!!!  What else..............

Retired Rod


  1. Awwww dangit! This is awful! I'm so sorry to hear this.


  2. So sorry to hear about the hail damage. My goodness, another thing to look after and get repaired. Is this early in the year for hail there? Hopefully the repairs and arranging for such will go well.

  3. Well, at least you didn't have an array of expensive solar panels on the roof of the Motor Home to get all smashed up. That is a big worry we have with our solar panels in a hail storm.

  4. Sorry to hear about the hair damage. :( Hopefully you can get through the insurance process easily and get the needed repairs done quickly.

  5. Sorry for your misfortune Rod,we missed out on the hail event over on this side of the state. Hope all your repairs go without any trouble, it's just a pain to schedule and then take them in for the repairs. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. Oh, my I am so sorry this has happened. That certainly was a monster hail storm. Take good care of yourself.

  7. Sorry to hear about the damage from the hail storm, Rod. Just one more hassle to put up with, hope the adjusters are good to you.

  8. What a terrible thing to happen. I guess there is no way to avoid such a thing no matter where you are. Maybe better that you are at home in KC to deal with it/>

  9. Sorry to hear about your hail damage. I saw on TV where you all were really getting it. We had wind and rain down in this neck of the woods, but no hail.


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