Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Plans are made!

I was up at 6:30, but being over to the East side of the campground away from the repair building has its rewards.  Every now and then a motorhome would pass out front on its way to the service bay, but we didn't have a neighbor starting his engine.

The neighbors on our North side have purchased a new much smaller motorhome and are here to see it being finished up this week.  It is actually finished, but for the last few days there is a lady technician that supervises the final cleaning crew.  They go over the coach as though they are living in it, checking everything to see if it all functions.

In that process, today the new owners joined the clean up crew and exercised all the doors and drawers.  These folks have had three previous motorhomes, and are well seasoned in making things work correctly.  This story is interesting to me, as they plan to follow the new coach as it is delivered to their dealer up in Memphis, 150 miles away.  Once at the dealership, they will trade the old 40 foot alegro bus for the new 28 foot breeze.  A major downsize!  Perhaps they are tired of the motorhome game, and the short new fellow seems much simpler to manage.

We had visitors at 7:30 beginning to understand our problems.  We have an air leak from the engine compartment up into the coach where the dash meets the windshield.  It is mostly outside air, but is really cold in the winter and oh so hot when it is 100 outside.  The technicians were sure that they could see daylight from inside the engine compartment.  One of the guys had his head stuck in the way too small engine access compartment, and was a sight that was a tad humorous.

After that, the body shop fellow that painted most of the coach last year came by and began the hail damage estimate.  That process took about an hour of examination and prodding.  Later in the afternoon, I went over to the office and picked up the final paperwork.  $7K.  I will bet the insurance company won't like that one bit.  Fight to follow.....

Finally the main repair writer came by and we made plans to leave the coach out on the repair row called the runway.  This is an old airport, and the road in front of the coach is actually the old runway. It extends much farther to the South than the campground, but motorhomes are parked along it for its entire length.  Ours will add to the ones needing service.  I wish I could get an aerial view to post on the blog of this facility.  I would be quite impressive in its size.

This town is old, and its infrastructure is tired, so you wouldn't believe that such nice new motorhomes would come from here, but it is a diamond in the ruff so to speak.

So tomorrow we will be packed into the car and headed back North into the rain storms that seem never ending up in Missouri.  It should become a big day for us.

Retired Rod


  1. Glad to hear your repair jobs seem to be on track. Sure hope you don't run into any of the nasty storms I've been seeing on TV from Missouri. I suppose you'll be keeping a close eye on the weather and road conditions. Stay safe!

  2. Rod and Loyce,

    Progress is being made, great! The 7k probably won't shock your insurance company at all. Last year we went through body shop hell and thought our insurance company would freak out, they handled everything like pros!

    Good luck and have fun while in Red Bay! I hope to be down there some day.



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