Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Installing wiring in the CRV

As I awoke this morning, I began to think thru the installation of the Patriot Brake System in the front of the CRV.  There really isn't any installation, as the box just sits on the floor and is hooked up to the brake pedal.

But the part that requires some planning is the break away switch.  Now we aren't planning to have the CRV break away from us, as she is married and can't leave our company anymore.  But if such a thing should occur, this brake box needs to know it instantly and apply the brakes as hard as it can.  So you need to mount a switch box that is attached to a cable on the front of the car.  The cable hooks to the back of the motorhome, and should the the two come apart, the cable pulls a pin out of the switch, applying the brakes.

Mounting the switch was no biggie, as it is just a small bolt thru the fascia and a nut and washer on the inside.  But then there is the wire, and it isn't long enough to string out onto the hood and over the door jam.  It has to go thru the fire wall somewhere where there is a hole.  Hey there aren't any holes in modern cars, what are they thinking.  There is a rubber panel where the shift cable goes out to the transmission, and I spent about two hours drilling and cutting with side cutters trying to make a hole large enough to poke the wire and plug thru.  After removing the entire piece and cutting away liberally, I finally managed to get it poked thru.  It comes up under the center console where the floor is enclosed.  There are a bunch of wires and what appears to be one of the computers in that enclosure.  I poked the wire out from under the plastic next to the carpet.

I also added a power cable that I attach to the battery with a fuse.  I use this wire to hook up ham radios and other accessories, and that will include this brake box.  By having its own power source, it will not matter if the accessory fuse is pulled so that other remaining items in the car don't deplete the battery.  While I didn't try it, removing the fuse will normally kill the cigar lighter sockets, which will kill the electric brake box.  This new wire will be hot all the time without regards to the key switch.

I messed around under the car for well into the afternoon, and even when the UPS guy brought another watch collection piece.  I never even got out from under the car, he just put the package by the wheel.  This newest item is completely different than any of the others I have, but then I say that about every new piece, so I won't bore you with the details.

Late in the afternoon, I had another medical appointment, so there went the rest of the day!

I'm sitting here with the hockey game on TV.  Watching Phoenix vs Detroit.  What the heck does Phoenix know about hockey?  Do they even know what Ice is?  Oh yea, its in their drink!

Retired Rod


  1. Your right abut getting wires through the firewall. make sure and put a heavy duty 30 amp fuse on that feed line from the battery, a big one like they use in police cars. Hey by the way what time is it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. I agree that hockey is for those tough Canadians and some hardy souls from the northern states, such as Michigan and Minnesota. Come to think of it though, there are no doubt a lot of transplanted northerners living in Phoenix.

  3. Nice job on the brake system. I never realized that those brakes were applied by just pushing the brake pedal in. I expected they were something way more fancy, but I guess simple is best.

    Phoenix sure didn't know much about hockey last night as Detroit hammered them!


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