Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tow Bar here!

I ordered the Blue Ox 10,000 lb steel tow bar from a company up in Minneapolis, Mn on Wednesday, and tonight, Friday at 5 PM, Brown stopped in front of my house.  He tried to deliver a book from Barnes and Noble, but it wasn't ours.  Then he said I know you have a package and ducked back into the truck.  He came out with a 4 foot long 9 inch square package with the end knocked out of the box.  The tow bar was hanging out a few inches.

Blue Ox Aventa-LX

It had all the parts, and I think it is hard to damage powder coated steel!  He put it in the garage for me, since I am not to be lifting things.  I saved about $300 ordering this thru an Amazon partner over purchasing it locally.  I will have to see how far off of level the bar is once I get it hooked up and perhaps will have to buy a drop down receiver.  They drag on the ground if you go thru any kind of a depression or deep curb, so I am not excited to get one.

But Randy over at the RoadRunner Chronicles towed his CRV without one and thought that his tire wear was excessive from the un level tow bar.  These drop down receivers are about $130 here locally and I have not priced them on the internet.  Randy if you happen to read this, comment on your drop down, OK?

Short of purchasing a brake buddy, which is expensive, I think I have most of it now.  I need a locking pin for the receiver, so someone doesn't help themselves to a tow bar, but otherwise I should be good.  Can you believe 2nd day shipping on a 50 pound package thru Brown, even if the box was destroyed?

Have you heard about Tritium gas tubes?  No they don't go on an RV!  They are very tiny little vials of radio active gas that is an isotope of Hydrogen.  For the Chemists, they are hydrogen molecules that have two added neutrons. So they are unstable and radiate small amounts of neutrons, but are harmless to you as they are not powerful enough to penetrate human dead skin layers. They have a half life of 12 years.

Now if the inside of these tiny vials were filled with florescent powder, you would have a miniature florescent bulb, and that is were my interest comes in, because they have begun to use them as hour markers in watches.  And also on the hands.  They glow without being charged from an external light source, and do not become faint after several hours, or days in the dark!

Invicta Luminary

 If you look carefully at this watch, you can see the little tubes on the hands and at the stick markers for the hours.  This thing glows in the dark quite nicely and is noticeable in any reduced lighting situation.

So I was excited to have an opportunity to pick this guy up on a close out special from Invicta this past Sunday.  It is a full 12 hr chronograph with day and date and a 1/10th of a second hand.  That's what I need, another watch!  It's a disease, this watch collecting, but with sooo many neat pieces, the affliction is beyond knowing what time it might be....  The case is Titanium with stainless running thru the center of the band as an accent. Tritium, titanium, stainless, chronograph.  Say that three times really fast!

I know my watch thing is not of interest to most folks, but it is a part of what I do here, and thought you might find the glowing part interesting.  If I begin to glow here, you'll know why!

Retired Rod


  1. To watch a time piece is to be a piece of watched time itself....AL:))

  2. Watches are to you like trains used to be to me, I haven't bought another model since we decided to head out someday fulltime, I know I will have to sell my collection I have now, so I figured whats the use. I can still take pictures of the real ones while we are out. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I too (Janna) have several watches but you have me beat by far! Mike refuses to wear one.

  4. Like Mike I am not a watch wearer anymore. Time has no claim on me, but it is interesting to 'watch' you enjoy your collection.

    As for the tow bar it is imperative that it be as level as possible so that your toad doesn't climb over or run under the tow bar in a panic stop situation. I believe I have read that there should be no more than a couple of inches of angle in the dangle so it is pretty important. Lots of stuff around the net on angles and dangles so enjoy the research.

  5. I used to collect Rolex's, back when I was working. Had to sell thm all whn I hit the road back in 1995. I enjoy watches, but my ol timex just keeps on tickin!!

    Hey I just happen to have a good used Brake Buddy....That I would part with and save you a bunch of money....... I installed a "Air Force One" in this new pickup.....It's in fine shape although it is about 7-8 years old...Has a cover and all. If interested email me at or comment on my Blog.......

  6. Be sure to do your homework on the "Brake Buddy" system. What ever system you decide on make sure it is the correct one for your CRV.

    I have replaced 2 sets of tires because my "brake Buddy" locked up the CRV brakes when I had to make a fast stop.

    I currently do not use a toad braking system.

    How much effect can a CRV have on stopping a 25,000 lb plus motor home? Yes I know the law. But.


  7. Things that glow in the dark without any power source scare me!!


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