Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rod's Taxi

I shuttled my son Chris out to Lawrence, Kansas to his Toyota dealer, that had his truck held hostage this morning.  They didn't have the part, and it had to come from Japan, so it will be a few weeks on that one.  I teased him that he would have to de radiate the piece when he got it, but then I thought that was probably in bad taste.

But then I have never been noted for being politically correct and this would again prove that fact.

Back here in KC, I went over to the Honda dealer, and did some investigation on whether a Honda Pilot could be towed with an RV.  Not that I was going to buy one, since we had just purchased a CRV, and it is the right size to tow with our front engine diesel rig.  But some people do pull a pilot, and the Remco guide says it is ok to do so, but to follow the manufactures emergency towing guide lines in the owners manual.

Well, if you get the new owners manual out and read it, it says to tow the pilot on a flat bed trailer.  Period, no questions asked!  So I came away with a new understanding of what couldn't be done with a Honda Pilot!  Pilot is a mid sized SUV, and I still need to trade off some cars around here, so I am still in the sell trade or negotiate horse trade mode.

But I spent a lot of the day and didn't accomplish much except being the ferry service.  Back here at the house, I found that my little keep the battery up trickle charger had failed me while I was gone, and one of the cars that I had stored had a completely flat battery.  So I spent the rest of the day charging and starting that car.

Tonight was catching up on the blogs and internet and some more of those darned angry birds.  Part of the bonus rounds require that you get a perfect score on all the levels.  Not just clear the screens but get all three stars on all the levels.  I guess they just want you to spend a lot more time with it.  Since it flashes advertisements while your doing it, I would bet it is tracking how much time folks are spending with it .  Add revenues I'm sure.

It was much warmer here today, as we were in the mid 60s and the sun was out all day.  But it was nothing like the 100 degrees that Phoenix and central Arizona reported this afternoon.  Like my friend Rick out in Palm Springs calls it,  that's Fryin Pan Hot!!

Retired Rod


  1. And then there are all them folks who buys one of them Pilots cause folks say it can be towed and get mad cause it can't. That were a good post you got there.

  2. It was 101 along the Central Coast of California Wednesday, too. We were sweltering!


  3. Next time I see a Honda Pilot being towed behind a MH, I'll just wish the guy a lot of luck!

    Yup, it's still 'fryin' pan hot' over here in the desert at 100F. We had the A/C on all night last night and that's a first for us here in Desert Hot Springs.

  4. Reread your comment Rod and saw where you had already checked with the Remco Guide...

  5. Rod I have towed a 2003 CRV for a few years now with my 30' MH. I chose a Stowmaster Falcon hitch set up and Stowmaster had to replace the stock bumber with their own design also. I also use a US Gear tow brake system. I'm pleased to say that both works like a dream and I have not had a bit of trouble with it. I was at an FMC Rally one year in Redmond, OR and the Stowmaster folks went through the entire parking areas checking and lubricating everyones Stowmaster hitches. That's good customer service.


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