Monday, April 18, 2011

Returning Home from the lake.

Tonight we are back in KC and at home.  We traveled thru the afternoon starting about 1:30 and arriving sometime after 4PM.  We didn't take much with us, so we didn't have much to load back into the house, but the lawn here needed to be mowed.

So after everything was back inside I started on the lawn.  The John Deere yard tractor had been on the battery minder charger for the last week or so, and fired up after it cranked for about a minute or so.  It seemed longer, but I'm sure it wasn't.

The older lawnboy mower that we use to trim out the yard has had a lot of work in the last couple of years, and it seemed to be in better shape than it has been in a long time.  It only took about two pulls and away it went.

At dusk, I went over to the storage lot where the motorhome is parked and measured the height of the 2 inch receiver above the ground, to see if it needs a drop down hitch adapter for the new tow bar.  I was relieved to find that it is only about three inches above the height of the bracket on the front of the CRV. The directions say no more than four inches, so no bracket will be needed.  This came as a surprise, as I had decided that it was much higher than the car.  My mind is dwelling on stuff again and worrying about things that are not a problem.

And also on Friday afternoon, just before we left for the lake, the UPS driver brought a package, a big box that contained the Patriot Brake System.  I just set it in the garage and we left town.  So tonight I unboxed the unit and have been reading the instructions.  I still do not understand completely how to set this box up.

You set it on the floor in front of the drivers seat in the car.  It has an arm with a spring loaded clamp that goes around the brake pedal.  The back of the box is against the seat, and is adjusted by moving the seat forward until the brake lights come on.  Then you back it off until they go out.

Then you set the buttons on the box as the directions instruct with a jog lever and a setup button.  The box plugs into your cigarette lighter, but on these newer cars, the lighter goes off when the key is off.  We will have to see how all of this plays out in the next couple of days.

Retired Rod


  1. Hey Rod, if you didn't worry about things that are not a problem then you just might find things to worry about that are a problem. Take your pick!

  2. We get our break hooked up Thursday in Longview.


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