Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taxes begun!

I was a bit slower about getting out on the town today, since my appointment over at the local doctor's office wasn't until 3PM in the late afternoon.  Still having to go to the office seems to take over the entire day, no matter when it is that you have to be there.

So I spent all morning working on all our papers and mail that was collected while we were in Arizona all winter.  I am looking for Tax documents to start that project.  And of course we had to discover some fraudulent charges on one of our credit cards that debits directly to our bank accounts, and that took quite a while on the phone with the Visa folks.

They think you are just trying to get out of paying for your charges, and I had the darnedest time convincing them that I was not in White Plains New York during the winter. And in the suburbs of Chicago on the same day.  Still they can't guarantee that I will get the money back, and it is over a thousand bucks!  Account closed now, but it was back about Christmas time when the hackers struck.

This is why it is bad not to get all your mail during the winter.  If I could have reviewed it several months ago, I would have had a better chance of getting it back.

Anyway, the work has begun on taxes, until I had to go to the doctor's office.  When I got back home, I didn't feel like starting back into the project.

Oh and this morning I ordered a tow bar from an business partner.  It was $579 plus about 21 bucks shipping.  Since it didn't come thru amazon themselves, there was no sales tax collected.  It is just shipped to me and it is up to me to declare it at the end of the year.  And we know how that will go!

They wanted $830 and tax over at the hitch store here in Olathe.   We will see how it comes along , but it is to be here in 5 to 7 days. We will have to see when we get tracking numbers.  I was kind of amazed that a heavy box with a tow bar in it could be shipped for $21 but perhaps that is standard ground.

Last year I had a trailer hitch shipped for the Camry, and it came right on the brown truck just like a smaller package, but the guy kind of struggled to get it up to the door.

No call from the insurance company again today, so perhaps I will have to inquire  again!

Retied Rod


  1. That is a shame about your credit card. We have our mail forwarded to us no matter where we are, but my bank usually calls if there is something that looks suspect. Hope you get it all cleared up to your advantage

  2. One has to keep a close eye on those visa cards for sure. We had ours hacked last fall, but it was our bank that called to ask if we had been where the charges were made, so it all worked out o.k. Hope yours does too.

    If the government shuts down, do you still have to file tax returns???

  3. Rod, it is pretty easy to check your credit card account on line. You can check the account as often as you want, which is really handy for catching errors or hacked cards. I'm surprised Visa didn't call you when the charges were being made, especially since they were so far apart on the same day.

    Good luck



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