Sunday, April 17, 2011

Roof climbing and a Bar B Cue

You know, I don't have any trouble climbing the ladder on the back of the coach.  I am sufficiently strong, and my heart doesn't pound or anything, but where I struggle, is my balance.  Since I am diabetic, I have neuropathy, and my feet have pain in them.  So I can't always feel the ground right.

So staying on the ground is what I usually opt for when it comes to the RV Roof.  And the tarp deal was no different, but, and except, the rain will get into the well between the glass shower and the plastic dome that normally covers it.  And the water will just stand in there until it evaporates, soaks into the ceiling or runs down the walls.  None of the possibilities seemed desirable, so that is when I broke the rules of no motorhome roof.

I have trouble transitioning from the ladder onto the roof.  Where most folks just climb the ladder to the top rung, and step out onto the roof, I can't balance myself well enough to do that, so I have to crawl out onto the roof on my knees and then stand up.  That isn't a problem, until I have to come back down.  Crawling backwards past the A/C unit and the edge of the roof and getting my feet onto the rungs of the ladder when I can't feel them adequately is the challenge.  But I lived to tell about it.

The roof on the Tiffin coach is made from fiberglass, like the walls, and is shiny and slick.  It is not like the EPDM rubber roofs on a 5 ver.  It has no texture to grip with the soles of your shoes, and in the rain it is double slick.  So lets hope I don't have to put the tarp on too many times, especially by myself.

We are here at the lake house, and have spent a relaxing day with the kids and grandkids.  The girls all went to the outlet mall to shop for the afternoon, while us boys went to the jet ski marina to make plans for the new jet ski to be placed in service.

For those of you that were here on the blog last fall, you will remember that we purchased a new ski on the fall close out price.  It is in the garage, but has never been started, and does not have acid in its battery, or gas in its tank.

We hope to come back after the Red Bay excursion and have them do that for us.  They assured us that it can be done in a day, if we call ahead.  While sunny today, this was not the day to put anything in the lake, as it was only about 55 during the afternoon.

Ben, Caden and I went and looked at Ford trucks for a while and then went to the state park to check out how low the water is at the local swimming beach.  We shopped at Wal Mart for soda pop, since we are almost out over the winter.  And by that time we were summoned to return because the girls were hungry.

Tonight we all went back to our favorite Bar B Cue, Bandana's.  We haven't been there since the bowel surgery last fall.  I thought about ordering from the kids menu, but opted for a luncheon plate.  It was way more food than I have eaten in forever, but I am getting along with it somewhat OK tonight.  Still I can't do that as often as I did before.

We do have fun down here in the woods at the lake place.

Retired Rod


  1. Transitioning to & from the ladder on a rig to the roof I figure is the hardest part. Like you, it's a hands & knees deal at that point. No other way I can see to do that. However, going up & down that ladder, I am reminded of my weight every time. Biggest fear is the ladder screws pulling out of the Motor Home!!

  2. Yep, I agree with Al, I always invision the ladder pulling away from the motorhome and dumping me on my back on the ground. As for the transition I can't ever do it except on my hands and knees and always have more trouble getting on the darn thing when descending than getting off at the top. So maybe that diabetes doesn't handicap you anymore than my clumsiness.

  3. Rod please don't go up on the roof again without someone with you. I don't want to read that you fell off. I hope all is going well with you two and I think about you guys often. Please give Loyce a big hug from me.

    Take Good Care

  4. Great to hear you're getting out to some old haunts for dinner with your family!

    There's nothing particularly easy about getting on or off RV ladders, either at the top or at the bottom. I guess those ladder screws must be in pretty good as I've never heard of them tearing loose while someone was on them.

  5. Rod,

    I'm diabetic as well, fortunately for now I have 133% better blood flow to my lower legs and feet than most people so neuropathy isn't a problem for me.... yet, hopefully I can keep that away for a few decades!

    Hopefully all the damaged items are fixed quickly for you, good luck.



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