Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taxes and Medical Day

I had to put my head down and seriously work on that tax return today.  I don't have time or the luxury to procrastinate or mess around any more.  The federal due date is the 18th which is Monday, but the state returns are due on Friday.  According to the printed Kansas booklet.  I will have to look up on the internet if that has been changed to align with the federal folks.

So I have now been thru the whole process one time and have a compete filable copy.  But it is my experience, that once you get it to that point, it still takes almost forever to get it all copied and assembled and signed and checks made and all of that.

As an accountant, we never really experienced that part of the process, because we had staff folks that did that part for us.  We got it all back on our desk in the finished format, waiting for our signature as the accounting firm.  Ya we were spoiled, but we justified that our time was too valuable to do the real work part of the process.  But if you didn't stay busy and billable, you could get sucked into the assembly process, so we knew when to hide in our foot well of the desk, so to speak.

The rest of the day here was consumed by going for more medical treatments, over at the local Hospital. That wipes out the rest of the day, as you are compromised when you get back home.

So I have spent the rest of the night, watching another watch show again tonight.  I can't be helped now, I'm too far gone.

Retired Rod

PS: I see I've gone and offended a bunch of folks that have Jeeps and Chevy's and the like.  First of all, with the classic CJ Jeep, I will never be able to sell such a thing to the boss lady.  She is a city girl, and doesn't even do gravel roads.  And there is nothing wrong with Chevy products, but I have attempted to move to higher end products, and that has taken me away from the more traditional vehicles.  The older car that I have to trade in is a BMW, and that has perhaps turned me into somewhat of a snob.  But again you can't pull any of their products either.  Perhaps I shouldn't even think about trading anything.


  1. No offense taken here of course. Wasn't until last summer when I became a Jeep people that I first understood the finer points of rough bone jarring bounceable Jeep fun. Even had me on of those city girlfriends who didn't like gravel roads. Had to trade her in right quick for one of those rough & tumble farm girls. Gotta love those durable little country dust bunnies for sure. And yep, that sort of kinda happened one time too. Back in 1988 as I recall:))

  2. Near as I can figure you have the CRV to tow so can indulge yourself with a high-end German road machine for at home. I hear Benz is coming out with a new gull-winged creation that might be perfect for the sporty well heeled couple around Olathe. Have fun figuring out whatever it is you are getting, and remember it is what makes you and Loyce happy that counts not what makes us peanut gallery folks chirp.

  3. Apart from my Chevy Silverado truck, I'm pretty much a Honda guy myself. We have an Odyssey van as well but one of these days I think we'll be looking at a Honda CRV in our driveway too!

  4. I'm sure glad my taxes are signed, sealed, and delivered. sigh.... I guess Uncle Sam needs our money to throw away with the rest of it.. :)


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