Monday, April 11, 2011

Taxes reduce me to babble.

As I sit here reading everyones excellent blogs, I can't help but wonder what I have to write about tonight.  And the answer is not very much.  I spent the day digging thru our big pile of papers and mail from all winter.  Of course I was looking for all the pieces of the puzzle that will become a tax return.

But that isn't exactly exciting stuff to blog about.  I had papers spread all over the kitchen counter and as I opened all the envelopes, I started a big pile of throw away junk in the middle of the floor.  Biscuit thought that was great, as she began to play in it and chew up all the envelopes.  She made the mess even worse!  I finally had to put her on her leash that is tied to the  counter.

She will begin to eat the paper if not watched.  She will eat almost anything, so she needs to be corralled for her own safety much of the time.  She is becoming a much bigger doggie than our last pure bred bichon Brandy.   So she is now walking around the neighborhood with Loyce twice a day.

They make several miles on what they call the long trip, and it tires Biscuit out so much that she will just sleep after that.

So with nothing to report other than the work I am presently engaged in, I will just end it off and not bore you with a bunch of babble.

Retired Rod 


  1. Donna did ours this weekend, Thank God I married an accountant, even with me being retired and on social security, we really have to watch close or we end up with a huge tax bill. I hope you are luckier. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.....

  2. Doing taxes could cause anyone to babble! :)

  3. We did our taxes back in January, and I am very glad that they are out of the way now! Of course, what else is there to do on a cold winter's night? LOL

  4. I have all of our mail and taxes to look forward to when we get home later this week. Luckily, we have until Apr. 30th to file in Canada. You may see a couple of 'babbling' blogs from me too.


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